Blimp Advertising is the climax of Outdoor Advertising. With the highest engagement factor on social media, above any other form of outdoor advertising, blimps provide advertisers with not only a massive branding platform but a powerful catalyst to drive their message.

Leading the industry, the AirSign Airship Group utilizes blimps for much more than just aerial advertising, they have become an aerial platform capable of providing aerial coverage, becoming a communications hub, surveillance vehicle and much more.

Waterskiing with a blimp? You're crazy!

On behalf of T-Mobile, on March 13, 2018 the AirSign team pulled off a world class activation that dominated social media and traditional news outlets for days after the event. In addition to a phenomenal marketing activation, the team also set two Guinness World Records, the greatest distance for water skiing behind a blimp and the fastest text while water skiing behind a blimp.

Do you ever get the feeling that you have the perfect idea, and you need to just push it through and make it happen? For Big Idea people, idea conception usually isn’t the problem, but the ideas are often so close to insanity that people regularly tell them they are certifiable. But to us, that is where the magic takes place… when an idea is so close to the realms of impossibility, you have a shot at greatness!

With less than three weeks until the activation date, the T-Mobile team confirmed the idea was a go! Next we had to jump through impossible hoops and almost literally stop time as we worked on engineering, artwork, location, FAA approvals, lining up water-skiers and much more… It honestly was one of the most fun and exciting activation’s we have had the pleasure of being part of and the results far exceeded expectations.

Guinness World Records Judge Philip Robertson awards Kari McCollum the first ever Guinness World Record for the greatest distance for water-skiing behind a blimp.

According to John Ledger (CEO of T-Mobile), ”this may have been the best product launch ever, and it definitely was the most epic”

setting industry standards

Meet the 128ft long, 36ft wide, 44ft tall internally-lit behemoth that will take your message to the skies.

The A-60+ Lightship

Artwork Capabilities

The A-60+ can be outfitted with a "full wrap" which emblazons your artwork and brand colors over the entire blimp. It can also be decorated with a 90-foot wide, 20-foot tall custom banner that is easily viewable from great distances.


The A-60+ has a cruising speed of 32mph with a max speed of 53mph. It can be equipped with a gyro-stabilized camera, providing an excellent platform for TV/Vido/Movie photography or videography.

Take Flight @ Night

Featuring super bright internal lighting capabilities, your message is visible 24 hours a day with an A-60+ by AirSign.

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