Aerial Advertising Tips for Your Summer Campaign

Summer is just around the corner and it is time to prepare your summer campaigns. Millions of people will flock to the beaches this summer giving advertisers the ability to boost sales during this week economy. The summer beach season runs predominately Memorial Day through Labor Day; 15 weekends including 3 holiday weekends for a total of 33 prime advertising days, not counting weekday flights. On any of the three summer holiday weekends, an advertiser can expect to get between 8-10 million impressions during a 3 hour airplane banner flight in either LA, Long Island, NJ shore, or Miami Beach. Holiday weekend only flights are typically more expensive and require booking weeks in advance; however season packages will often include holiday flights at the standard package rate.

When designing your artwork think creative and what will jump out and grab people’s attention. One of the key advantages of airplane banners is their uniqueness, reports show that traditional media is not producing during this weak economy forcing advertising to think outside the box and use alternative advertising. Aerial Advertising is not only out of the box, but combined with wild designs and banners like the “can banner” you will be sure to reach the masses.

The Crowds Roll Out For Spring Break!

From Lake Havasu, Arizona to Miami South Beach, Florida, Spring Breakers hit the beaches by the thousands during the month of March, making it an advertiser’s paradise. AirSign Aerial Advertising had the privilege of serving clients like Papa Johns Pizza, MTV Spring Break, Geico, McDonalds, Golfsmith, and many more. Spring Break provided clients the first major opportunity this year to reach thousands of people in concentrated locations, producing high impressions with a very low cost per impression. Aerial Advertising can be used create Brand Identity or to advertise a New Product or Special Event. Like many clients have realized, Aerial Advertising can be used for many different applications as a standalone advertisement or to complement other media. No matter what method you prefer, Aerial Advertising is sure to help your campaign be successful!

“Introducing the Can Banner”

Imagine sitting on the beach and naturally you look up at the sound of an airplane coming your way; but instead of seeing a normal airplane banner, you see a flying Can!

Advertisers are looking for out of the box ideas to grab people’s attention, and what better way to advertise or promote a beverage than with a giant flying can! These Can banners are ideal for beaches and concentrated events; they are fully customizable and range in sizes up to 15 feet in diameter!