Airplane Advertising Explained

Because the sky is usually wide open, it is a great place to display airplane advertising that will be seen by others. These ads may take the shape of a banner pulled behind a plane, or a billboard pulled behind or beneath a plane or helicopter. Some planes are equipped with computerized signs so that ad can be read in the dark sky of night. Others write their message on the underside of the wings or on the fuselage.

However the message is displayed, it is guaranteed to be seen and read as it is flown over large gatherings of people at sporting events, beaches, or areas of heavy traffic. Airplane advertising would also include skywriting.

1 thought on “Airplane Advertising Explained

  1. JB Pilot

    As the saying goes, “Sky’s the limit.”. It sure is a huge area to advertise up there. People should take advantage of this especially when there’s a lot of on lookers present within the vicinity. Besides, it’s not everyday you get to pick up catchy lines out of thin air. lol

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