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Cash App – Aerial Advertising & QR Codes

Thousands of phones on the ground were pointed at Cash App’s newest aerial campaign promising free BitCoin. The aerial billboard featuring a prominent QR code was spotted soaring over venues in the Miami area over the last couple of weeks. Fusing modern technology and aerial advertising paid dividends and a great ROI for the advertiser. The printed QR code, prominently displayed in the sky, was proof of the effectiveness of aerial advertising and drove impressive results.

The first flight in early April 2022, targeting the Miami Beach coastline, resulted in a record-setting 15,000 unique QR scans. The following flight in early May, flew high above both Miami Beach and the Miami F1 Race around legendary Hard Rock Stadium, and broke the record with more than 25,000 QR scans.

These amazing results place aerial advertising as a leader in Cost Per Action (average in this campaign of less than $1.00) over most other forms of advertising. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting way to engage your customers or if you are interested in incorporating a QR code in your next aerial advertising campaign.

Advertise to the Hungry

The late, great copywriting expert, Gary Halbert, enjoyed helping his audiences dramatically change the way they thought about their advertising by using this illustration…

He would ask the people in attendance what they would choose as their biggest advantage if they had a hot dog cart full of hot dogs which they had to sell by the end of the day.

Before reading on, what would you choose?

Typical audience responses ranged from big advertising budgets to fancy meats or toppings to lower prices.

Gary would respond…

Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Because all of the above depend on creating desire in the target audience when you could simply use something else, something much more powerful that would be much more successful:

A Hungry Crowd!

And this is exactly what I propose you do for your business.

Think of the impact parading your hot dog cart into the middle of a starving crowd would make. The only thing that would matter was…

How fast you can fill the orders.

That is exactly what aerial advertising provides. Rather than trying to yell above the noise of all the other TV ads or go bigger and bolder in print, AirSign flies airplane banners with your unique message directly above targeted audiences who are hungry for exactly what you provide. Your banner gets massive attention and the beautiful thing is – there’s distracting no competition.

Stand out from the noise. Have AirSign fly your message over your hungry audience.

– Patrick

P.S. If you don’t know where the crowds are gathering, that’s something we specialize in. Just contact us to get a list of potential venues.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Partners with AirSign to Help OSD

AirSign Aerial Advertising partnered with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help the Oregon School for the Deaf. Specifically, since the normal routine of announcing the EMHE Team’s arrival through a megaphone was less effective to a deaf school, AirSign Aerial Advertising flew a huge banner over their outdoor anniversary gathering that read, “Good Morning, Oregon School for the Deaf!” Watch their reaction…

As usual, the EMHE team and partners pulled off an incredible result that should keep the Oregon School for the Deaf doing well for a long time to come.

You can watch the full episode online and check out all the partners who helped make this project possible.