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Football and AirSign

We are in that time of year again when you put on your sports attire and go cheer on your team. You sit, or more than likely stand, and wear out your voice yelling “GO, GO, GO” to your team and “BOO” to the opposing team. You either walk away elated or completely ashamed of the job your team did. I love football season and I for one am happy we are in the middle of it again. Unfortunately, for me, “my team” hasn’t had much to show for this season and there haven’t been too many elated times for us this year.

So what does football have to do with aerial advertising? I’ll answer that for you. Let me talk to the business owners for a minute — you know that the best way to spend your advertising dollars is when the advertisement will be seen by thousands of people. You also know that you want to maximize your money so that everything dollar you spend is put to use and not just stashed away. With aerial advertising, you are choosing the best route to affect thousands of people in one place. With choosing AirSign, you are then making sure that every dollar spent on aerial advertising is put toward YOUR advertisement.

Now, maybe you are the politician seeking to get elected or reelected in November. Let me assure you that aerial advertising is a wonderful way to campaign. When your campaign banner flies over a crowd of sport fanatics waiting on the game to start, you are not only getting your name out there, but you are also reaching above your opponent. Every politician puts out yard signs but not every politician does aerial advertising.

Even though football season is well under way, it is not too late to start your aerial advertising campaign. We still have all the bowl games coming up and many other college and pro football games that draw hundreds of thousands of receptive people. Don’t pass up this great opportunity to go big and join the aerial advertising world.

Below is a picture of one of our new clients that joined us for this football season. You could choose something like this or some of the many other aerial advertising options.

AirSign Helps With Alabama Disaster

AirSign Aerial Advertising was able to aid in the relief efforts in Alabama by providing information to the victims as to where they could get help. We were contracted by a couple different insurance companies to fly a banner displaying the locations in which people could find their relief vehicles. We worked none stop last weekend to make sure the word got out. We had three planes that flew 10-12 hours a day rotating pilots to maximize the amount of time in the air. We were grateful to have this opportunity to help the victims of this great disaster in Alabama!

Here’s a picture of one of the banners we flew…

Publicity and AirSign

When some people book a flight with AirSign, they do it for the publicity and they want to get everything out of it they can. Others, well they’re targeting a specific crowd and they don’t realize all the other publicity they’re going to get out of it. This was the case last Saturday. We had a group of people call in and pay for a Letter Banner to fly over UF’s Orange and Blue game boasting over their team’s smashing win over the Gator’s last year. They were targeting the crowd and didn’t expect anything more out of it. That’s what they paid for. What they got for free was the front page of the Sports section on the Orlando Sentinel website. Also, Ron Vitrano from ESPN Radio called up an interviewed the pilot about this banner. These FSU fans only paid for us to fly the banner expecting that only the crowd would see and talk about the banner. With aerial advertising, you never know the amount of publicity and great advertising you might get. If you are looking to get a point across without paying through the roof for it, aerial advertising is the solution.

Watch AirSign advertise for YoHolla (click for video…)


One of our clients this Spring Break is YoHolla. YoHolla is a new social network that is looking to become one of the top networks out there. They requested the help of AirSign Aerial Advertising to help them meet this goal. We are flying every day in Panama City along the beach, around the clubs and anywhere well populated. YoHolla is getting great exposure thanks to the giant billboard AirSign printed and is flying for them. We are committed to promoting our clients products to it’s full extent and are well on our way to doing that for YoHolla.

Check out this video to see the great promotional work AirSign has done for this great network site, YoHolla!

AirSign and Spring Break

Spring Break is in full swing and AirSign is busy on the beaches. We are advertising for several large companies this Spring and are excited about the new relationships we have made. Our client relationships are very important to all of us here at AirSign. This brings us to the top with all the other Aerial Advertising companies out there. The individual that sells the job is the same person who is here all the way through your contract. They will do everything they can to make your advertising effective and make this a wonderful experience for you and your company. We take the responsibility of advertising for your company very seriously.

I just want to talk a little bit about Aerial Advertising and what makes it different and more effective than all the other types of advertising. When you’re driving down the Interstate or you’re in a large city, you are overwhelmed with billboards. There are so many that you can’t even see each one as an individual advertisement. They all just run together in your head and after five minutes you don’t even remember what you just saw. With radio and TV ads — well I know how that is for me, I switch the station or channel when the advertisements come on. There are very few times that I’ll stay on the TV channel once the ads start running. And with the radio, I always change the station.

Aerial Advertising is different. In the sky, your Aerial Billboard does not get sucked into all the other billboards that are up there because the sky isn’t full of billboards. Also, because there’s not an overwhelming amount of billboards in the sky, your Aerial Billboard is going to be remembered. I could name to you all of the aerial signs that I saw last year in Panama City! When we fly over the beaches, everyone out there is going to hear the sound of the approaching plane and they will automatically look up. When they do, they will see your ad being towed behind the airplane.

We are in several locations doing Spring Break work and are hitting the beaches hard. Your company still has the opportunity to participate in the world of Aerial Advertising. We have people here that are ready to assist you in every way possible and get your company in the sky!