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AirSign Aerial Advertising at the Grammy’s

Last Sunday, the 53rd annual Grammy Awards Ceremony took place at the Staples Center in downtown LA. There was one attendee last Sunday, Renegade Foxxx, who enlisted the help of AirSign. This was Renegade’s first time to the Grammy’s and he wanted to make an impression.

Well did he ever! Foxxx had AirSign Aerial Advertising fly a giant Billboard, with his face on the side, over the Staples Center as he arrived. But he didn’t just stop there… He also had AirSign perform a Skywriting message announcing his new single “Way Down”. With both the Billboard and the Skywriting at the same time of his arrival, he was bound to draw attention and create a big media blitz. This was a very important time in the life of Foxxx and AirSign helped to let the world know that in a big way.

Watch this video footage of AirSign’s performance at the Grammy Awards Ceremony 2011! And contact us to promote your product or event.


AirSign Advertises for HP

Watch this video to see how Aerial Advertising works…


AirSign advertised for some large companies over the Super Bowl events last week. One of our clients was Hewlett Packard. HP was very happy with all the work that AirSign did for them. With the daunting weather in Dallas, we were a little unsure about being able to fly all the intended hours for our clients. There were no worries though as we made everything happen as planned and have several grateful clients because of it. We had our own professional videographer at the events to capture this special time for our client. AirSign looks forward to working with HP again in the near future.

AirSign Aerial Advertising Helps on Valentine’s Day

The calls have been flooding in for Valentine’s Day. AirSign Aerial Advertising is helping make Valentine’s Day special for many sweethearts around the country. We are doing Skywriting and Letter Banners with special messages from girlfriends, boyfriends, fiances and spouses. Make your Valentine feel special this year and give them something they’ve never gotten before. If you’re still struggling over what to get the special person in your life, consider looking to the sky and give them something they will never forget. We can write a heart in the sky with the individuals initials or another message you would like; or we can fly a Letter Banner, using up to 40 characters, with your special message. It doesn’t matter where you live, AirSign is equipped to serve the entire United States.

AirSign Aerial Advertising Writes in the Sky

AirSign Aerial Advertising just performed this skywriting message in Orlando, FL. The message was performed right on time and couldn’t have been done more perfect. The client was extremely happy with the performance, customer service and the personal care we at AirSign showed him. We value each and every one of our customers and do our best to meet every request they give us. We would be happy to perform a skywriting message for you!

AirSign Aerial Advertising Brings a “Yes”

When people hear of AirSign Aerial Advertising, they usually think that we just fly big banners for companies. Well, they would be correct to assume that because a lot of our work comes from companies who hire us to advertise for them. We also have another side of the business that is often used as well. Recently my boyfriend proposed to me. Traditionally the guy takes the girl out to a nice restaurant and somewhere along the way, during the evening, he gets down on one knee and asked the girl to marry him. That is sweet and all, but it’s traditional. There are many of us people out there; though, that like things done “out of the box” or in a unique way. When a guy proposes to his girlfriend, it’s a very special time, but there are ways to make it even more special. My boyfriend did the traditional thing of getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him, but he also did something completely different and special. He had AirSign Aerial Advertising fly a banner for him asking me, Frances, to marry him. When I saw this, I was totally surprised and felt so special that I had a banner flown that was just for me.

Now as your reading this, you yourself maybe thinking of getting engaged or maybe you know someone that is soon to propose. Here is a way to do it that will impress your girlfriend beyond words! I speak from experience when I say that the Aerial Letter Banner makes the day even more perfect and special than it already is.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has had 100% success with Marriage Proposal Banners. We get calls or text messages from the fiance’s all excited that the girl said “Yes” and that the banner looked awesome. AirSign Aerial Adverting is not only here to serve the Business Community, but all people, all over this great Nation.