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Mobile Truck Advertising

A unique form of advertising involves bringing billboards to the people. Mobile truck advertising is offered by truck owners who want to rent out the side of the truck for a company to paint its message. Wherever the truck goes after that, the ad is displayed.

Some trucks also contain sophisticated mobile ads like rolling billboards where the message is constantly changing, or lighted ads usually pulled behind trucks. The advantage of this type of ad is that is can be brought to the scene of the product or service, such as a truck parked in front of a restaurant telling of its recent opening.

Mobile truck advertising does what billboards do except the message goes to the people instead of waiting for the people to pass by and see it.


Banner Towing In Plain English

Banner towing is a form of advertising or broadcasting a message over a targeted crowd of people gathered in such places as a sporting arena or on a beach. Some take advantage of multitudes waiting in rush hour traffic by flying their ad over the cars.

The banners could be short or as long as a hundred feet or more. It could have two lines of writing, one line of large writing, or a message with a logo. It could even involve a billboard with a banner towed behind it. The purpose of banner towing is to get a concise message to a large cross section of the population for a minimum of cost.

What Is An Airplane Banner?

An airplane banner is a long strip of material about seven feet tall and as long as a hundred feet. A message is written on the banner. It may invite people to a new restaurant, or tell of a local service or a special sale.

The airplane takes off and then passes over the field containing the banner. A tow hook catches the banner and pulls it into the air. The airplane banner is then flown over a large gather of people so they can read it as they watch a sporting event, sit on the beach, or wait in traffic. It often makes multiple passes over the crowd so that they can’t miss reading the message.

Airplane Advertising Explained

Because the sky is usually wide open, it is a great place to display airplane advertising that will be seen by others. These ads may take the shape of a banner pulled behind a plane, or a billboard pulled behind or beneath a plane or helicopter. Some planes are equipped with computerized signs so that ad can be read in the dark sky of night. Others write their message on the underside of the wings or on the fuselage.

However the message is displayed, it is guaranteed to be seen and read as it is flown over large gatherings of people at sporting events, beaches, or areas of heavy traffic. Airplane advertising would also include skywriting.

The Power of an Aerial Logo Board

Aerial advertising involves pulling some variation of advertisement behind an airplane or helicopter over a large gathering of people. The visibility of the ad assures the owner that a large cross section of the population will see and read the ad. Some companies are so well known that the mere presents of their logo is sufficient for others to know who they are without words. A good example of this is the McDonald’s arches. The major news networks are also identified by only their logo.

Aerial logo boards are often ads without words. A billboard containing only the logo of the company is pulled over a large gathering of people as a reminder of their service or product which results in increasing the awareness of their brand.