Aerial Advertising is the Highest Form of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is one of advertising’s trendiest – and most fun — ways to spread a message. Do a quick Twitter search and you’ll find countless companies specializing in this unconventional, surprising and sometimes tongue-in-cheek approach to promoting a product, service, brand or idea.
What, exactly, is guerrilla marketing?
It’s promoting a brand or product by using entertaining, attention-getting strategies, from flash mobs and viral marketing campaigns to internet marketing. Larger brands like it because it makes them connect with their audience on a grassroots level – it helps them become part of the crowd rather than the party-crashing door-to-door salesman.  Aerial advertising is […]

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Aerial Advertising-Aerial Hashtag

What’s in a #Hashtag?

You’ve probably already saw or read about our recent performance of #PiInTheSky from one of the many news outlets that reported on it. This art display, which we were happy to help execute for artist and friend Ben Davis (ISHKY), did more than make an artistic statement about infinity and the unlimited potential in each and every one of us – it proved the unfettered canvas that is the sky is an excellent medium to say something, anything to countless spectators below.
But how, you may ask, does one control how a message translates to the media and, more importantly, social […]

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Tonight We’re Skywriting #PiInTheSKY at SXSW

One of the craziest things to wrap your head around and perhaps one of the most romantic things ever accomplished by mankind is our ability to fly. The capability to soar above Earth and transport ourselves from city-to-city, state-to-state and country-to-country in just a matter of hours (even minutes) still ceases to amaze.
We are taking the awe of flight to a different level tonight and will kick off the universal celebration of Pi Day in the skis of Austin, TX at SWSX at 6:28 p.m. CNT. Originally our plan was to execute the event tomorrow, but Mother Nature’s forecast forced […]

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“Super” Advertising Options for the Big Game

On February 2, 2014, a record will likely be set. Almost every year, the Super Bowl breaks its own record from the previous year, as the single most-watched television program in history. Unsurprisingly, the current most-watched television program in history is 2013’s Super Bowl XCVII, clocking in at over 164,000,000 viewers.
While the exact numbers aren’t quite common knowledge, the fact that the Super Bowl is a major national (and increasingly worldwide) event is certainly known to anyone who is paying attention. However, there is something beyond records that is notable about the actual broadcast of the game. The Super Bowl […]

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Effectively Advertising to Football Fans

September is upon us, and Labor Day is behind us. Which means… Football season is finally here!

Whether it’s professionals wowing crowds with amazing feats of athleticism, college students playing with the hope of forging a career, or high school players working hard for possible scholarship money, all levels of football have one thing in common – Fans. Beginning in September and continuing on through December and into January, football season brings Americans out of their homes in droves to support their favorite teams and players. Weather and temperatures that would normally encourage us to seek refuge indoors do nothing to […]

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