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Aerial Billboards: The Skies The Limit

AirSign Greenpeace

Image via @marynicol


This weekend our client Greenpeace tasked us with flying a banner over JazzFest in New Orleans, LA. The order came in on Wednesday, and their banner was printed that day with the flight test on Friday. We are known for a quick turnaround, and our client was pleased with our flexibility.

We flew over the JazzFest on both Saturday and Sunday for a total of about 11 hours of flight. The banner prompted attendees to take pictures and post them on various social networks including Twitter and Instagram. Greenpeace supported the air effort with an on-the-ground street team to support their efforts and help spread their message. This is an excellent strategy that helps further guide people through the process of signing up and becoming part of their cause.

We’re big fans of Air billboards and our clients see excellent results from campaigns that utilize them. We’re not talking about those puny banners you may have seen at the beach. Our aerial billboards range in size, with some up to 50,000 sq ft. That’s a lot of room to get your message across.

Airplane advertising has been proven to work. Viewers remember the message on your custom aerial billboards with a greater degree of detail than any other kind of advertising. A recent survey showed that 88% of respondents remembered seeing airplane banners 30 minutes after they had passed. In addition, 79% remembered the product or service that was advertised, and a remarkable 67% remembered at least half of the content of the airplane banner.

That’s good news if you’re looking to get your product, brand or service in the mind of potential customers like our client Greenpeace did this weekend.

We pride ourselves in getting our clients in front of as many potential customers, with the quickest turnaround possible. If you’re interested in making Aerial Advertising a part of your marketing mix, get in touch with us today.

The Ballad of Aerial Banners

“Our sales are down,”
Head office did fuss,
“It’s advertising’s fault,
It’s certainly not us.”

“We’ve tried every trick,”
Advertising said.
“But our product’s unknown,
And we’re still in the red.

We have given out pens
And had product promos,
And hired big stars
Like Britneys and Bonos.”

“I’ve heard one idea,”
A shy salesman posed.
“What’s that?” the boss barked,
While others just dozed.

“Our rivals have hired
A banner display
To be flown over beaches
And where people play.

Their sales are all up
While ours still decline.
Perhaps we could try
A banner ad sign?”

“Preposterous plan!”
Advertising sneered.
(Though privately it
Was his job he feared.)

“He’s got an idea,”
The big cheese confessed.
“Let’s not throw it out
Like we have all the rest.

So what is involved?
Just what do we do?
How much does it cost?
Is it something quite new?”

“Oh no! I’m quite certain
Banner ads have been used
By successful firms.”
The boss sat and mused.

“Go on,” he said,
“I like what I’m hearing;
It’s worth a try.”
(The others stopped jeering.)

“There’s nothing really
We need but the blurb.
Airsigns handles all
And their work is superb!

They’ll even design
The phrase you desire,
Then print it, and fly it,
And store it-” “I’ll hire!”

The boss was convinced
This was the solution
To their sagging sales
And poor distribution.

Soon sales skyrocketed,
Millions wanted to buy
The special product
That they saw in the sky!

The salesman, of course,
Was given a raise
And made head of promotion;
His career set ablaze!

The moral is simple:
Don’t allow sales declines;
Banner ads work!
Now contact AirSign.




What Is An Aerial Banner?

An aerial banner can come in different varieties. For this article, let’s focus on the aerial letter banner.

An aerial letter banner is a unique type of banner ad. A banner is visible, stretching out as much as one hundred feet or more, usually white with dark lettering. An aerial letter banner is a banner on which only the letters are visible. Any material used to connect the letters is not seen. It appears to be a banner with no background.

The message of these letters is then flown over a large gathering of people like a beach, a sporting event, or a heavy traffic area. The message is often an advertisement of some type. However, it might also be a birthday greeting, the opening of a new business, even a proposal of marriage.