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AirSign Aerial Advertising Brings a “Yes”

When people hear of AirSign Aerial Advertising, they usually think that we just fly big banners for companies. Well, they would be correct to assume that because a lot of our work comes from companies who hire us to advertise for them. We also have another side of the business that is often used as well. Recently my boyfriend proposed to me. Traditionally the guy takes the girl out to a nice restaurant and somewhere along the way, during the evening, he gets down on one knee and asked the girl to marry him. That is sweet and all, but it’s traditional. There are many of us people out there; though, that like things done “out of the box” or in a unique way. When a guy proposes to his girlfriend, it’s a very special time, but there are ways to make it even more special. My boyfriend did the traditional thing of getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him, but he also did something completely different and special. He had AirSign Aerial Advertising fly a banner for him asking me, Frances, to marry him. When I saw this, I was totally surprised and felt so special that I had a banner flown that was just for me.

Now as your reading this, you yourself maybe thinking of getting engaged or maybe you know someone that is soon to propose. Here is a way to do it that will impress your girlfriend beyond words! I speak from experience when I say that the Aerial Letter Banner makes the day even more perfect and special than it already is.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has had 100% success with Marriage Proposal Banners. We get calls or text messages from the fiance’s all excited that the girl said “Yes” and that the banner looked awesome. AirSign Aerial Adverting is not only here to serve the Business Community, but all people, all over this great Nation.

AirSign Aerial Advertising’s Super Bowl Surge

You know the saying, “Go big or go home”? Well, that saying is true when is comes to advertising for your company. In today’s advertising world, there are several different ways you can go about it. There’s only ONE way that soars above the others — Aerial Advertising. This is where AirSign Aerial Advertising comes into play.

Imagine seeing the name of your company written out in the big sky above you. Or, your company’s logo. The size of these letters in the sky are outstanding! It is like turning a skyscraper on it’s side and placing it in the sky! We now have a Skywriting option that is performed by five airplanes flying in formation puffing out smoke at the exact right time to form the letters of each word. Imagine this being done at the Super Bowl over the heads of thousands of people. Do you want attention drawn to your company? If the answer is “Yes”, this is the way to go! Now, stop imagining and do something to make this imagination come to life.

Another option for you, which is also huge, is the traditional Aerial Banners. These are high-resolution printed banners that are pulled behind a single plane. AirSign Aerial Advertising will do all the work needed to produce these giant banners. We can tow these banners right over the stadium and draw the attention of all those in the stands. These banners can not be missed. AirSign Aerial Advertising can print your company’s logo on the banner along with any messages in which the company would like to portray.

We can also do smaller banners like the Logo Boards with a Text Banner following or a single Letter Banner. We can advertise for all sizes of company’s. Maybe you’re just starting your own business and you need to do some advertising. You can’t get any better then Aerial Advertising. Maybe you want to propose to your girlfriend at the Super Bowl, wish a loved one “Happy Birthday” or announce your tailgate party. Whatever it is you want to advertise, the team here at AirSign Aerial Advertising wants to help you. We provide the best customer service you will find in Aerial Advertising.

This year, the Super Bowl is being held at the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6th. AirSign Aerial Advertising is already going to be there so is all you have to do is give us a call or send us an e-mail. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Call or e-mail soon to guarantee your spot!

The Ballad of Aerial Banners

“Our sales are down,”
Head office did fuss,
“It’s advertising’s fault,
It’s certainly not us.”

“We’ve tried every trick,”
Advertising said.
“But our product’s unknown,
And we’re still in the red.

We have given out pens
And had product promos,
And hired big stars
Like Britneys and Bonos.”

“I’ve heard one idea,”
A shy salesman posed.
“What’s that?” the boss barked,
While others just dozed.

“Our rivals have hired
A banner display
To be flown over beaches
And where people play.

Their sales are all up
While ours still decline.
Perhaps we could try
A banner ad sign?”

“Preposterous plan!”
Advertising sneered.
(Though privately it
Was his job he feared.)

“He’s got an idea,”
The big cheese confessed.
“Let’s not throw it out
Like we have all the rest.

So what is involved?
Just what do we do?
How much does it cost?
Is it something quite new?”

“Oh no! I’m quite certain
Banner ads have been used
By successful firms.”
The boss sat and mused.

“Go on,” he said,
“I like what I’m hearing;
It’s worth a try.”
(The others stopped jeering.)

“There’s nothing really
We need but the blurb.
Airsigns handles all
And their work is superb!

They’ll even design
The phrase you desire,
Then print it, and fly it,
And store it-” “I’ll hire!”

The boss was convinced
This was the solution
To their sagging sales
And poor distribution.

Soon sales skyrocketed,
Millions wanted to buy
The special product
That they saw in the sky!

The salesman, of course,
Was given a raise
And made head of promotion;
His career set ablaze!

The moral is simple:
Don’t allow sales declines;
Banner ads work!
Now contact AirSign.




What Is An Aerial Banner?

An aerial banner can come in different varieties. For this article, let’s focus on the aerial letter banner.

An aerial letter banner is a unique type of banner ad. A banner is visible, stretching out as much as one hundred feet or more, usually white with dark lettering. An aerial letter banner is a banner on which only the letters are visible. Any material used to connect the letters is not seen. It appears to be a banner with no background.

The message of these letters is then flown over a large gathering of people like a beach, a sporting event, or a heavy traffic area. The message is often an advertisement of some type. However, it might also be a birthday greeting, the opening of a new business, even a proposal of marriage.