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AirSign Helps With Alabama Disaster

AirSign Aerial Advertising was able to aid in the relief efforts in Alabama by providing information to the victims as to where they could get help. We were contracted by a couple different insurance companies to fly a banner displaying the locations in which people could find their relief vehicles. We worked none stop last weekend to make sure the word got out. We had three planes that flew 10-12 hours a day rotating pilots to maximize the amount of time in the air. We were grateful to have this opportunity to help the victims of this great disaster in Alabama!

Here’s a picture of one of the banners we flew…

AirSign and Spring Break

Spring Break is in full swing and AirSign is busy on the beaches. We are advertising for several large companies this Spring and are excited about the new relationships we have made. Our client relationships are very important to all of us here at AirSign. This brings us to the top with all the other Aerial Advertising companies out there. The individual that sells the job is the same person who is here all the way through your contract. They will do everything they can to make your advertising effective and make this a wonderful experience for you and your company. We take the responsibility of advertising for your company very seriously.

I just want to talk a little bit about Aerial Advertising and what makes it different and more effective than all the other types of advertising. When you’re driving down the Interstate or you’re in a large city, you are overwhelmed with billboards. There are so many that you can’t even see each one as an individual advertisement. They all just run together in your head and after five minutes you don’t even remember what you just saw. With radio and TV ads — well I know how that is for me, I switch the station or channel when the advertisements come on. There are very few times that I’ll stay on the TV channel once the ads start running. And with the radio, I always change the station.

Aerial Advertising is different. In the sky, your Aerial Billboard does not get sucked into all the other billboards that are up there because the sky isn’t full of billboards. Also, because there’s not an overwhelming amount of billboards in the sky, your Aerial Billboard is going to be remembered. I could name to you all of the aerial signs that I saw last year in Panama City! When we fly over the beaches, everyone out there is going to hear the sound of the approaching plane and they will automatically look up. When they do, they will see your ad being towed behind the airplane.

We are in several locations doing Spring Break work and are hitting the beaches hard. Your company still has the opportunity to participate in the world of Aerial Advertising. We have people here that are ready to assist you in every way possible and get your company in the sky!

AirSign Aerial Advertising at the Grammy’s

Last Sunday, the 53rd annual Grammy Awards Ceremony took place at the Staples Center in downtown LA. There was one attendee last Sunday, Renegade Foxxx, who enlisted the help of AirSign. This was Renegade’s first time to the Grammy’s and he wanted to make an impression.

Well did he ever! Foxxx had AirSign Aerial Advertising fly a giant Billboard, with his face on the side, over the Staples Center as he arrived. But he didn’t just stop there… He also had AirSign perform a Skywriting message announcing his new single “Way Down”. With both the Billboard and the Skywriting at the same time of his arrival, he was bound to draw attention and create a big media blitz. This was a very important time in the life of Foxxx and AirSign helped to let the world know that in a big way.

Watch this video footage of AirSign’s performance at the Grammy Awards Ceremony 2011! And contact us to promote your product or event.


What Are Aerial Billboards?

Aerial ads usually involve pulling a one hundred foot banner behind a plane. However, an alternative to this is flying an aerial billboard over a crowd of people.

The billboard is similar to billboard advertising we all see along the highway except that the billboard is pulled behind an airplane or under a helicopter visible to a large audience of people such as a gathering at a sporting event, a political rally, rush hour traffic, or a beach. The aerial billboards are made of nylon and are painted or dyed with a sun inhibitor for protection.

Some billboard ads are attached to the end of the billboard to give an additional message. The billboards are as large as 50 feet tall and 100 feet long. That’s 1500 square feet of visibility!