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AirSign Aerial Advertising Helps on Valentine’s Day

The calls have been flooding in for Valentine’s Day. AirSign Aerial Advertising is helping make Valentine’s Day special for many sweethearts around the country. We are doing Skywriting and Letter Banners with special messages from girlfriends, boyfriends, fiances and spouses. Make your Valentine feel special this year and give them something they’ve never gotten before. If you’re still struggling over what to get the special person in your life, consider looking to the sky and give them something they will never forget. We can write a heart in the sky with the individuals initials or another message you would like; or we can fly a Letter Banner, using up to 40 characters, with your special message. It doesn’t matter where you live, AirSign is equipped to serve the entire United States.

AirSign Aerial Advertising Brings a “Yes”

When people hear of AirSign Aerial Advertising, they usually think that we just fly big banners for companies. Well, they would be correct to assume that because a lot of our work comes from companies who hire us to advertise for them. We also have another side of the business that is often used as well. Recently my boyfriend proposed to me. Traditionally the guy takes the girl out to a nice restaurant and somewhere along the way, during the evening, he gets down on one knee and asked the girl to marry him. That is sweet and all, but it’s traditional. There are many of us people out there; though, that like things done “out of the box” or in a unique way. When a guy proposes to his girlfriend, it’s a very special time, but there are ways to make it even more special. My boyfriend did the traditional thing of getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him, but he also did something completely different and special. He had AirSign Aerial Advertising fly a banner for him asking me, Frances, to marry him. When I saw this, I was totally surprised and felt so special that I had a banner flown that was just for me.

Now as your reading this, you yourself maybe thinking of getting engaged or maybe you know someone that is soon to propose. Here is a way to do it that will impress your girlfriend beyond words! I speak from experience when I say that the Aerial Letter Banner makes the day even more perfect and special than it already is.

AirSign Aerial Advertising has had 100% success with Marriage Proposal Banners. We get calls or text messages from the fiance’s all excited that the girl said “Yes” and that the banner looked awesome. AirSign Aerial Adverting is not only here to serve the Business Community, but all people, all over this great Nation.

What Is An Airplane Banner?

An airplane banner is a long strip of material about seven feet tall and as long as a hundred feet. A message is written on the banner. It may invite people to a new restaurant, or tell of a local service or a special sale.

The airplane takes off and then passes over the field containing the banner. A tow hook catches the banner and pulls it into the air. The airplane banner is then flown over a large gather of people so they can read it as they watch a sporting event, sit on the beach, or wait in traffic. It often makes multiple passes over the crowd so that they can’t miss reading the message.

How We Fly An Airplane Banner

Have you ever been at a large gathering somewhere, like a sporting event or a beach, and seen an airplane fly by pulling an announcement or an advertisement of some type? These ads or messages are called airplane banners, and have proven to be an effective way to get a message out to a large group quickly.

So how do we get such a huge banner into the sky? If the banner were attached to the plane before it took off, this would cause two problems. First, the banner would drag across the runway and get damaged. Second, The drag of the huge banner would make it more difficult to get off the ground and this means the banner would drag even longer.

Getting the airplane banner into the sky takes a great deal of skill. But the huge success of aerial advertising makes it worth the trouble. First, the airplane takes off with a device called a “grapnel hook” hanging in the window. The other end is attached to the tail of the airplane by either rope or cable.

When the airplane is safely off the ground, the pilot unhooks the device from the window, letting it trail behind the plane. On the ground the banner or billboard is folded up with a lead pole in front. A harness is attached to the lead pole. Then a pick up rope is attached to a loop of rope that is attached between two poles about five or six feet off the ground.

Now the plane circles around and, with the hook dragging below the plane and flying at 80 miles an hour, the pilot heads straight for the two poles. As he reaches them, he throttles the engine and pulls back on the stick, causing the plane to soar upward at a steep angle. The hook snags the loop of rope, which pulls the banner up, off the ground and into the sky. What if he misses? Then he circles around and tries it again.

But how does the banner stay upright and not, like a kite, spiraling in the wind? First, the tail end of heavy billboards or banners has tiny parachutes that catch the wind and keep it straight. Then the bottom has weights that keep that edge closest to the ground. The letters are usually seven feet tall and the banner might be up to fifty letters long. So everything must be planned just right so that the drag is not too great or too little.

When our pilot has completed his mission over the designated area, he will fly the banner back to the drop off place, fly low again, and, release the hook so the banner falls to the ground unharmed. This way it is reusable if that is desired.

All this may seem like a lot of trouble, but the result is worth the effort. Thousands will see the banner, both at the event and on the way to and from it. The message will get out and people will be influenced by the message. But not all aerial advertising is provided equally. Some companies simply take an order and contract it out. Since 1996, AirSign has been leaders in the industry by taking personal care of their customers using the best pilots, sharpest looking planes, and providing accountability for their work through free GPS tracking. Give us a call at (888) 645-3442 and find out what we can do for you!

“Introducing the Can Banner”

Imagine sitting on the beach and naturally you look up at the sound of an airplane coming your way; but instead of seeing a normal airplane banner, you see a flying Can!

Advertisers are looking for out of the box ideas to grab people’s attention, and what better way to advertise or promote a beverage than with a giant flying can! These Can banners are ideal for beaches and concentrated events; they are fully customizable and range in sizes up to 15 feet in diameter!