The Advertising Blimp: Effective and Economical

If it’s a major sporting event like the Super Bowl or the Olympics, a blimp is there. Consumers of all ages are just as enamored by the size and presence of an airship today as they were when the early Zeppelins first took flight. That’s why an advertising blimp is a guaranteed way to attract […]

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AirSign Greenpeace

Aerial Billboards: The Skies The Limit

Image via @marynicol
This weekend our client Greenpeace tasked us with flying a banner over JazzFest in New Orleans, LA. The order came in on Wednesday, and their banner was printed that day with the flight test on Friday. We are known for a quick turnaround, and our client was pleased with our flexibility.
We flew over the JazzFest on both Saturday and Sunday for a total of about 11 hours of flight. The banner prompted attendees to take pictures and post them on various social networks including Twitter and Instagram. Greenpeace supported the air effort with an on-the-ground street team to […]

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Tonight We’re Skywriting #PiInTheSKY at SXSW

One of the craziest things to wrap your head around and perhaps one of the most romantic things ever accomplished by mankind is our ability to fly. The capability to soar above Earth and transport ourselves from city-to-city, state-to-state and country-to-country in just a matter of hours (even minutes) still ceases to amaze.
We are taking the awe of flight to a different level tonight and will kick off the universal celebration of Pi Day in the skis of Austin, TX at SWSX at 6:28 p.m. CNT. Originally our plan was to execute the event tomorrow, but Mother Nature’s forecast forced […]

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AirSign Advertises for HP

Watch this video to see how Aerial Advertising works…
AirSign advertised for some large companies over the Super Bowl events last week. One of our clients was Hewlett Packard. HP was very happy with all the work that AirSign did for them. With the daunting weather in Dallas, we were a little unsure about being able to fly all the intended hours for our clients. There were no worries though as we made everything happen as planned and have several grateful clients because of it. We had our own professional videographer at the events to capture this special time for our […]

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