Pi in the Sky

On July 12th, AirSign's skywriting team will again write the world's most famous infinite number in the sky!

Watch the video. Then be part of the
"Pi In The Sky" experience at 7:14pm in New York City, New York.

How You Can Be Part of the Experience

Have your phones and cameras ready, and share in documenting the event. Post to your favorite website:

Then, come back here and watch as "Pi In The Sky" touches the lives of people all across New York City!

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Skywriting Pi In The Sky

New York City - look up on 7/12/14 at 7:14pm

Pi In The Sky, an iteration of the world's largest ephemeral installation of the infinite number - being done to celebrate Manhattanhenge - is scheduled to begin at 7:14pm on July 12 (7/12) over New York City. The conceptual work will consist of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology flying at 10,000 feet altitude while skywriting the first several hundred characters of pi's infinite sequence. This spectacular performance will be displayed by AirSign Aerial Advertising. AirSign's skywriting team will create a spiral several miles wide, as the aircraft emit numbers that measure a quarter-mile in height centered over Manhattan and viewable from the entire city and its surrounding areas.

Merging art and technology, Ben Davis teamed up with AirSign Aerial Advertising (@AirSignUSA) and has brought together a team of artists, programmers and scientists to give life to a compelling vision that a community of millions will directly experience. Pi In The Sky explores the boundaries of scale, public space, impermanence, and the relationship between Earth and the physical universe. AirSign invites viewers to contribute to the exhibit with their own photos and videos of Pi In The Sky, "as a way to create a unified shared experience that just wasn't possible in other eras."

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