Aerial Advertising Products

Take your brand campaign to the sky


Where digital media and digital skywriting meet


AirSign has modernized aerial advertising by blending vibrant, high quality sky images with video, social media and data-driven tracking applications.

No longer just a prop plane buzzing beach crowds dragging signs like a tail, AirSign aerial advertising has evolved to include sophisticated technology that allows you to magnify and measure your promotional campaigns.

With AirSign Boost™ programs that couple blimps, banners and skywriting with video, social media and metrics, you can measure the impact of every advertising dollar spent down to the square mile.


AirSign blimps are soaring air ships that draw all eyes to the sky to focus on your message alone, with no distractions.

An AirSign thermal airship is a perfect vehicle for promotions as its exterior can be branded with your logo, vibrant colors, gigantic images and text.


Cut through the clutter with giant, brightly colored logos and message banners in the sky towed by airplanes or helicopters.

With vivid sky banners, AirSign helps capture your audience’s attention and amazement by drawing eyes skyward and keeping their focus on you.


Instantly dominate any market with traditional or AirSign Digital-skywriting™.

AirSign Digital-skywriting™ stops people in their tracks as they gaze skyward with amazement to witness an air show featuring your brand. The experience is amplified thousands of times as your audience captures then shares the event across social media.


Magnify your aerial advertising campaign with real-time, location-based social media conversations.

Monitor, measure and analyze the effectiveness by target location and target audience – down to the square mile.

Capture moments and audience engagement via compelling videos then re-purpose for ongoing campaigns to maximize investment.

Lift-Off Program by AirSign

Launching a fun, exciting aerial promotion takes a lot of detailed work – and the AirSign team loves every moment of it. Consistency of delivery is of prime importance to us and is why we have a detailed pre-flight to post-flight operational plan.

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