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AirSign Flies Grumpy Cat Banner Over SXSW

An unlikely friendship formed at SXSW 2014 during the #PiInTheSky art exhibit. Always big fans of Tardar Sauce–or as most people know her, Grumpy Cat–we decided to tweet out to her. We knew she was at SXSW and wanted to show our respect. We created a shot of one of our planes preparing for takeoff with everyone’s favorite grumpy-mugged feline sitting in the cockpit. This is when we learned of her dream to have her face blown up and flown above the Austin skyline for all to see. The rest, as they say, is history…


Grumpy Cat looking unimpressed. Naturally.

We had a blast working with Grumpy Cat and her manager/mom. Here some of the better images from the flight which garnered significant social buzz and helped pack lines of people looking to meet Tardar Sauce. pointed out:

The biggest line on North Congress Avenue—one of the main arteries of Austin’s SXSW festival—wasn’t for a band or rockstar techie. No, it was for Grumpy Cat, the Internet’s most famous feline.

Of course, the entire AirSign team was excited and honored to work with Grumpy Cat and especially to help make #CatDreamsComeTrue!

Did you get to meet Grumpy Cat at SXSW or see her aerial banner? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Got a dream of your own? Let us know so we can help it come true.

PEMCO Commissions #12sFly Banner for Super Bowl 49

Last year, PEMCO Insurance commissioned a 12th Fan banner that flew in support of the Seattle Seahawks bid for a Super Bowl win. The banner garnered citywide support and flew with more than 15,000 signatures from fans throughout Seattle. The Seahawks went on to beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in a game the 12s will never forget.

This year PEMCO is at it again with a bigger, badder and better banner. They collected around 48,000 signatures as well as 24,000 photos from fans all over the world. Those photos make up the digits of “12”, truly capturing the spirit of the Seahawks 12th fans. You can read more about this incredible display of support here.

Needless to say, we’re honored to be part of such an incredible campaign. Seahawks Nation and PEMCO love their team and it certainly shows.

Keep your eyes to the skies, Seahawks fans. We fly today over Seattle and then over the weekend in Phoenix. We hope to see you back in Seattle on Monday, 12s!

Go Hawks.

AirSign at CES 2015

We’re excited to announce our trip to CES 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll be on a mission from a very awesome client to spread the word about an important step in virtual communications.

We’ll be tweeting throughout the event through #CES2015. You can follow us on Twitter to get a a first look at what we have in store for CES attendees.

Check out the CES 2015 website for news about the days events and don’t forget to use their Meme generator. We did! Check it out.


Meme generators for the win.

See you at CES 2015!

AirSign USA To #DIGDEEPER at Comic Con San Diego 2014

We’re very excited to work with Hadley Media—and by extension the USA NETWORK—to bring the #DIGDEEPER campaign to the attendees of San Diego Comic Con 2014! Today, we’ll fly over this event to help promote the USA NETWORK’s new show, Dig.
If you haven’t heard of Dig, you can read about it here, and here. Comic Con visitors will get a dazzling show in the sky, with the #DIGDEEPER hashtag appearing alongside the cryptic symbol representing Dig. This message will be written 20 times over the event and is sure to make its way to Twitter, Instagram, et al in the form of dazzling, artistic images via Comic Con fans and San Diego citizens alike.

The beauty of skywriting is tied to its ability to blanket an entire city within minutes, making it the tip of the spear for all guerrilla marketing campaigns.  As we’ve seen before with campaigns such as #PiInTheSky, the attention these events bring are a natural fit for social media content which simply compounds the message, creating greater reach and impressions.

If you’re at Comic Con San Diego 2014, we invite you to share your images of the #DIGDEEPER hashtag with us via our social media accounts like TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. We hope to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your experience. Don’t forget: #DIGDEEPER.

We’re Getting Ready to Surprise New York City with the Largest Piece of Art In Its History

If you’re anywhere near New York City tonight, you’re in for the show of your life.

Look up in the sky over Manhattan about 7:15 p.m. and you’ll witness the largest, coolest art exhibition ever in the history of New York City.

Five synchronized AirSign planes will spell out #STEAM and #PIINTHESKY in quarter-mile high letters 10,000 feet over Manhattan, followed by more than 300 numerals in the infinite pi sequence. For an hour plus, they’ll circle over the borough, creating the numerals in a dot-matrix font that will cover hundreds of miles of airspace.

Just as the planes head back to the hangar, the sun will begin to sink below the horizon – the peak of “Manhattanhenge.” If you haven’t heard of this stunning solar phenomenon, it occurs just twice each year, when the setting sun aligns perfectly with Manhattan’s east-west streets, creating an unsurpassed radiance that illuminates the whole downtown grid.

What does “STEAM” mean and how does it fit with pi, the number used to calculate the circumference of a circle?

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math.

There’s been a lot of talk among politicians, business leaders and educators about how badly we need to push education in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). As an aviation buff, I understand this well. But there’s also a large and growing demand to add Art to that equation: STEAM. The sciences can only become a powerful tool for innovation when we add creativity. As an aerial advertising specialist, I understand that, too!

And that’s what you’ll see over New York City – the Science, Engineering and Technology involved in AirSign’s execution of artist Ben Davis’ vision; the universal language of Math in pi, and the awe-inspiring beauty of free public art displayed on a cosmic canvas.


I look to align myself with projects that inspire and touch people, and I look for creative and fun ways to create awareness about Aerial Advertising. Joining with Ben and his non-profit, Illuminate the Arts, on this and similar projects has been both exciting and extremely gratifying.

STEAM ahead!

UPDATE: The New York Post picked up the story of Pi In The Sky