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Marketers Dream: Over 1 Million Spectators Expected in Arizona for the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open

Phoenix is expecting an influx of visitors in January. Hundreds of thousands of avid football fanatics will descend on State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII and overlap with another million visitors in town to attend the PGA’s coveted WM Phoenix Open.  Brands looking to activate and engage with this massive audience of affluent consumers don’t have to look far for a solution.

Aerial advertising provides the most high-impact and cost effective method for engaging with sports fans throughout Phoenix for events leading up to the Big Game weekend. In terms of reach and recall, it surpasses TV ads, in-venue signage, and sponsorships.

How does it work?

We offer the largest and most vibrant Aerial Billboards in the industry so your message is clearly visible to the crowd on the ground. And the effectiveness is proven! In terms of advertising impressions, the CPM value of aerial advertising is greater than just about any form of traditional media. Our Aerial Banners will showcase your brand and campaign in a memorable way throughout the week of celebrations. A recent study showed that 89% percent of event attendees surveyed recalled seeing an aerial banner, and 79% remember the specific brand or product advertised.

Digital Skywriting is another effective way to get noticed and capture peoples’ attention for up to 20 mins.  Skywriting blankets a skyline with a message viewable as far as 15 miles away. A fleet of synchronized planes “type” messages that can stretch for miles, captivating the attention of consumers below for a fraction of what it costs to officially sponsor the Super Bowl or WM Phoenix Open in 2023.

Aerial advertising is the most cost-effective and impactful medium available on the market. Flying aerial advertisements over Phoenix throughout Super Bowl week gives you greater reach by engaging with attendees in- and around State Farm Stadium and TPC Scottsdale.

Cut Through the Advertising Clutter with Aerial. 

We can create a campaign that meets your needs and targets your ideal audience.  We’re not limited to game day. We can fly advertisements over Phoenix and surrounding areas throughout the week, so you’ll be seen by fans in and around State Farm Stadium and TPC Scottsdale.

The average adult is exposed to over 5,000 ads per day (and only about a dozen will make a lasting impression).  Aerial Advertising provides the opportunity to cut through the clutter and be the one they remember.

USA Today reported that Super Bowl advertisers in 2022 paid a record $6.5 million per 3-second ad. So while other brands spend millions on TV commercials, sponsorship packages, and signage on-site, we’ll work with you to create meaningful campaigns that extend your brand reach for a fraction of the cost.

Get in front of the millions of football and golf fans headed to Arizona this February. Contact us to learn more.

PEMCO Commissions #12sFly Banner for Super Bowl 49

Last year, PEMCO Insurance commissioned a 12th Fan banner that flew in support of the Seattle Seahawks bid for a Super Bowl win. The banner garnered citywide support and flew with more than 15,000 signatures from fans throughout Seattle. The Seahawks went on to beat the Denver Broncos 43-8 in a game the 12s will never forget.

This year PEMCO is at it again with a bigger, badder and better banner. They collected around 48,000 signatures as well as 24,000 photos from fans all over the world. Those photos make up the digits of “12”, truly capturing the spirit of the Seahawks 12th fans. You can read more about this incredible display of support here.

Needless to say, we’re honored to be part of such an incredible campaign. Seahawks Nation and PEMCO love their team and it certainly shows.

Keep your eyes to the skies, Seahawks fans. We fly today over Seattle and then over the weekend in Phoenix. We hope to see you back in Seattle on Monday, 12s!

Go Hawks.

AirSign USA To #DIGDEEPER at Comic Con San Diego 2014

We’re very excited to work with Hadley Media—and by extension the USA NETWORK—to bring the #DIGDEEPER campaign to the attendees of San Diego Comic Con 2014! Today, we’ll fly over this event to help promote the USA NETWORK’s new show, Dig.
If you haven’t heard of Dig, you can read about it here, and here. Comic Con visitors will get a dazzling show in the sky, with the #DIGDEEPER hashtag appearing alongside the cryptic symbol representing Dig. This message will be written 20 times over the event and is sure to make its way to Twitter, Instagram, et al in the form of dazzling, artistic images via Comic Con fans and San Diego citizens alike.

The beauty of skywriting is tied to its ability to blanket an entire city within minutes, making it the tip of the spear for all guerrilla marketing campaigns.  As we’ve seen before with campaigns such as #PiInTheSky, the attention these events bring are a natural fit for social media content which simply compounds the message, creating greater reach and impressions.

If you’re at Comic Con San Diego 2014, we invite you to share your images of the #DIGDEEPER hashtag with us via our social media accounts like TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. We hope to add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your experience. Don’t forget: #DIGDEEPER.

Why We’re Flying Over Tampa

We’ve been in the aerial advertising industry for over 18 years. Over this span we’ve learned quite a bit about how to best utilize aerial advertising as part of an overall advertising mix. More importantly, we understand how alternative advertising techniques are incredibly effective at turning consumers into customers. It’s this understanding that allows us to work with big brands like Ford, Google, Virgin Atlantic, the Dallas Mavericks, Uber, and McDonalds.

Soon we’re going to be flying over the Tampa Bay Area to promote the Tampa Bay Marketing Summit. Our CEO, Patrick Walsh, will be presenting at this event for small to large business owners. Patrick will speak on alternative advertising techniques like aerial advertising and how guerilla marketing is being used by brands—big and small—to create strong connections with potential customers. He’ll discuss some of our greatest projects and how business owners can utilize this old technique that is regaining popularity—a fact of which can be attributed to the social media boom and the meta nature of aerial advertising.

Anyone can benefit from aerial advertising. What’s important is working with a company that understands how to best make use of this technique. From logistics to choosing the right location for your promotion—we’re experts in making sure your message gets in front of the most people at the best possible moment. Afterall, we’ve been doing this for over 18 years. You might say we started before it was cool.

We were extremely excited to be invited to share our message with a community of fine business owners, marketers, students and advertisers. If you’re interested in learning about how to market your business in not only today’s business environment but tomorrows as well, we know the experts at #TBMS14 won’t disappoint. Thanks for reading–we hope to see you at the Tampa Bay Marketing Summit on August 8th.

4 of the Best Places to Skywrite for your Business

Big Cities

New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. There’s a reason these cities are so commonly the epicenter of product launches and creative advertising campaigns—they’re full of people! Millions of them, in fact. A great majority of them are equipped with smartphones to capture your message and share it with their friends online—causing a multiplier effect for your campaign.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are quickly growing into one of America’s favorite pastimes—especially for millenials. This flower child-era throwback is creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a very specific market segment in a confined space that many advertisers are paying big bucks to be in. Aerial Advertising is great for these events, as they tend to take place in remote areas with easy access for airplanes. This is a much more cost effective method to be at the event without actually being at the event.

Beaches on Spring Break

Spring break comes just once a year, but it’s an excellent time to put your brand in front of thousands of people all from different parts of the country. An excellent opportunity for a product launching nationwide, as well as any other brand or company—Spring break brings a variety of vacationers, besides the typical college student.

Special Events

In cities all around America, special events are being held as I type this. Sporting events, conferences, conventions, festivals, parades—the list goes on. Creating a highly targeted campaign in a specific location is simple, however, this is a great way to reach a specific market based on what events are taking place. Releasing a new tech product? Tech conventions, comic cons, et al are right up your alley. A new health food? Natural wellness events are happening somewhere with thousands of people waiting to hear about your product.

There are countless opportunities to benefit from Aerial Advertising all over the world. All you need is a professional, trusted company to help you pull it off. We’re here to do just that.