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What You Need to Know About Advertising to Millennials in 2023

Where Are the Millennials? 

We have two words: Music Festivals. Large-scale music festivals have become the biggest gatherings outside of major sporting events.  Throughout the year they attract hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of young influential consumers. And Marketers are looking for creative ways to get their brands noticed, outside of the high costs of being an official sponsor.

That’s right, we said “influential.”  Festivals have over the years become the social event for the millennial men and women.  This is the largest generation in US history and they’re hitting their prime in terms of working and spending.  Eventbrite  recently published a demographics study finding the average music festival attendees are affluent 32 year olds, mix of male (59%) and female (41%), and earn more than $75,000 a year. 

Ultra Music Festival

Brands must use creativity and innovative advertising tactics to attract these valuable consumers and stand out in a sea of brands and products.

Reaching Music Festival Audiences

Break through with Aerial Advertising, the most cost-effective way to create a unforgettable statement and reach music festivalgoers.  Marketers can utilize an Aerial Billboard for a stand-alone campaign or to supplement and extend the reach of your official sponsorship.  The opportunities to customize your campaign are endless!

Flying an aerial billboard allows you to paint your message on the world’s largest canvas and ensures your brand is seen by everyone at the festival or event, wherever they are. Studies show that an aerial advertisement in the sky has a 70 percent recall rate for the messaging – that’s the highest of all traditional forms of advertising!

With the largest fleet of planes in the US, our team will help you customize your aerial advertising campaign no matter the location.

Top 2023 Music Festivals

Looking to reach one of the top multi-day mega music festivals in the US in 2023? Check out some of our favorites, from Billboard’s list of this year’s Top Festivals:

An Aerial Billboard helps the audience connect your brand to the Music Festival experience. These massive banners measure 5,000 sq ft or more and can be customized in a variety of shapes or sizes to maximize visibility at your target event. 


Just picture your branded campaign flying over multiple music festivals throughout the year and having the ability to add trailing, interchangeable text, so you can tailor your message and localize your campaign.  Many of our clients maximize their brand reach even further by flying aerial ads that accompany brand ambassador events taking place on the ground at the same time.

The brand exposure can’t be beat. Annual events across the country, like Rolling Loud in California, Tortuga Music Festival in Ft Lauderdale, and Austin City Limits hosted next fall, attract more than 200,000 attendees each.  When a person sees a plane overhead, towing a giant floating billboard, they notice it. It ensures the campaign is visible over the entire event, reinforcing your brand and messaging on the captivated audience below.

Stand out in a sea of advertisers.  Millennials are constantly bombarded by ads, every day. We grab their attention, using the sky as a blank canvas and creating a show-stopping spectacle with massive, vibrant billboards and creative aerial maneuvers. We work with leading brands across the country to create a compelling campaign that will make a lasting impression on your target consumers long after the ad has flown. Let Aerial Advertising do the legwork for you at one of the leading outdoor music festivals in 2023.   While crowds gather for live music, sunshine, and celebrations we’ll create a custom program to market your brand to the crowd. Click the button below for a free quote today!

Marketers Dream: Over 1 Million Spectators Expected in Arizona for the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open

Phoenix is expecting an influx of visitors in January. Hundreds of thousands of avid football fanatics will descend on State Farm Stadium for Super Bowl LVII and overlap with another million visitors in town to attend the PGA’s coveted WM Phoenix Open.  Brands looking to activate and engage with this massive audience of affluent consumers don’t have to look far for a solution.

Aerial advertising provides the most high-impact and cost effective method for engaging with sports fans throughout Phoenix for events leading up to the Big Game weekend. In terms of reach and recall, it surpasses TV ads, in-venue signage, and sponsorships.

How does it work?

We offer the largest and most vibrant Aerial Billboards in the industry so your message is clearly visible to the crowd on the ground. And the effectiveness is proven! In terms of advertising impressions, the CPM value of aerial advertising is greater than just about any form of traditional media. Our Aerial Banners will showcase your brand and campaign in a memorable way throughout the week of celebrations. A recent study showed that 89% percent of event attendees surveyed recalled seeing an aerial banner, and 79% remember the specific brand or product advertised.

Digital Skywriting is another effective way to get noticed and capture peoples’ attention for up to 20 mins.  Skywriting blankets a skyline with a message viewable as far as 15 miles away. A fleet of synchronized planes “type” messages that can stretch for miles, captivating the attention of consumers below for a fraction of what it costs to officially sponsor the Super Bowl or WM Phoenix Open in 2023.

Aerial advertising is the most cost-effective and impactful medium available on the market. Flying aerial advertisements over Phoenix throughout Super Bowl week gives you greater reach by engaging with attendees in- and around State Farm Stadium and TPC Scottsdale.

Cut Through the Advertising Clutter with Aerial. 

We can create a campaign that meets your needs and targets your ideal audience.  We’re not limited to game day. We can fly advertisements over Phoenix and surrounding areas throughout the week, so you’ll be seen by fans in and around State Farm Stadium and TPC Scottsdale.

The average adult is exposed to over 5,000 ads per day (and only about a dozen will make a lasting impression).  Aerial Advertising provides the opportunity to cut through the clutter and be the one they remember.

USA Today reported that Super Bowl advertisers in 2022 paid a record $6.5 million per 3-second ad. So while other brands spend millions on TV commercials, sponsorship packages, and signage on-site, we’ll work with you to create meaningful campaigns that extend your brand reach for a fraction of the cost.

Get in front of the millions of football and golf fans headed to Arizona this February. Contact us to learn more.

Cash App – Aerial Advertising & QR Codes

Thousands of phones on the ground were pointed at Cash App’s newest aerial campaign promising free BitCoin. The aerial billboard featuring a prominent QR code was spotted soaring over venues in the Miami area over the last couple of weeks. Fusing modern technology and aerial advertising paid dividends and a great ROI for the advertiser. The printed QR code, prominently displayed in the sky, was proof of the effectiveness of aerial advertising and drove impressive results.

The first flight in early April 2022, targeting the Miami Beach coastline, resulted in a record-setting 15,000 unique QR scans. The following flight in early May, flew high above both Miami Beach and the Miami F1 Race around legendary Hard Rock Stadium, and broke the record with more than 25,000 QR scans.

These amazing results place aerial advertising as a leader in Cost Per Action (average in this campaign of less than $1.00) over most other forms of advertising. Please contact us to learn more about this exciting way to engage your customers or if you are interested in incorporating a QR code in your next aerial advertising campaign.

More than Words in the Sky

Remember the Pepsi taste tests in the 90s? There was a cup of “cola” and a cup of Pepsi. Participants tasted both and then on camera revealed which one they liked the best (which was always Pepsi – imagine that). And there it was, irrefutable proof that Pepsi was the better tasting soft drink by two or three people.

I recall some friends and family members sharing their surprise that Coca-Cola didn’t respond or accuse Pepsi of illegally using their trademark (which, for the record, they never did). But why would “Coke” do anything? Coke has pretty much won the cola war and has held onto the majority of the market share for decades. According to Beverage Digest, Coke controls 42% of the total carbonated soft drink market, compared with Pepsi’s 30%.

However, when you’re looking to gain market share and your competition is going head-to-head with your products and services, it behooves you to take action, respond and retaliate. Consumers deserve to know why your brand is the better option. This is exactly the situation faced by T-Mobile.

In 2014, the mobile communications company launched a petition, at Change.org/AbolishOverages, calling on other carriers to follow T-Mobile’s lead in dropping overages. The petition had approximately 250,000 signatures at the end of August and now has more than 330,000 signatures. And while T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been busy on social media promoting their brand and petition, the company felt it wasn’t enough. So they wrote their message where their biggest competitor’s couldn’t miss it… above their headquarters.

digital skywriting

The technique known as digital skywriting, utilizes five planes flying in formation and working in sync to write messages using a dot matrix system. Five aircraft in the sky over a specific location or community, demand attention and often causes local media and social media to buzz over the advertisement or campaign. What happened over the Verizon Wireless headquarters was no different.

Check out this brief video to see it in action.

While the battle rages on between mobile service providers, few will forget the lengths at which T-Mobile went to as they fought to rid the world of overages and earn more business.

What do you think… would a digital skywriting message cause you to search for more information or share an image on your social media networks?

Reinforcing Your Message with a Blimp

Recently, upwards of 20,000 people gathered in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama along with radio and television personality Glenn Beck as part of a movement known as “Restoring Unity,” “Never Again is Now,” and “All Lives Matter.” The crowd marched for peace, unity, understanding and love.

High above the mass, one block north of the infamous Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, an AirSign blimp soared above embellished with the message, “All Lives Matter.”

Those who marched in Birmingham on August 30th wanted to send a message to the rest of the country: Their presence and words mattered, and the airship above reiterated their purpose.


The blimp gained social media traction with the hashtag #UnityBlimp and even helped gain the attention of The New Yorker, who published an article on the march the following week.

Through publicity provided by Glenn Beck and his charitable organization Mercury One, participants as well as interested social media followers were able to experience the march firsthand. Not only did the message “All Lives Matter” resonate with the audience, but it was also projected over the entire city – reinforcing the reason behind the event for all to see (whether they were Birmingham or following via Twitter in Chicago).

Interested in learning how your message reach your target audience geographically and create buzz online? Check out our airships.