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Cost of Aerial Advertising

Now more than ever, businesses are facing an uphill battle to attract new customers. Discover what makes aerial advertising unique and its cost.

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Why Google Chose Airsign

When Virgin America decided that they were going to use a Google platform, Google wanted to show their support in a big way.

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Nationwide Advertising That Works

AirSign gets you the attention you need.

Attention spans are dwindling. Businesses are finding it more and more difficult to advertise effectively. If you're a business owner, or responsible for advertising a business, you know that first hand. Whether you know it as an airplane banner or airplane sign, or one of the many other terms and methods used for aerial advertising, the services provided by AirSign can help.

Here are just a few quick reasons why.

With newspaper subscription rates plummeting, the habit of channel surfing whenever an ad begins to play on the radio or TV, and the multitude of distractions available when internet advertising (they don't call it "banner blindness" for nothing), there are very few effective advertising methods left.

AirSign provides advertising that has continually proven itself to work very effectively over and over for hundreds of businesses and individuals. In studies done, 88% of people remembered an airplane banner flying by 30 minutes afterward while 77% remembered the product or service advertised. Compare that to how many commercials you can remember watching yesterday.

By teaming up with AirSign, companies that want huge exposure to people across the United States, or want to target select locations, can reach some or all of this audience very effectively.

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