Capturing Attention

Skywriting by Airsign

Capture and keep someone’s attention for 20 minutes!

Take It With You
Supercharge Marketing Results

Amplify Engagement

Digital Skywriting is one of the most engaging forms of outdoor advertising available today.

Commonly referred to as a social media supercharger, Digital Skywriting instantly blankets a skyline with a message viewable for over 15 miles away!

  • Active Engagement – The 20-minute sky show grabs peoples’ attention for the entire flight as your message is revealed anywhere the eye can see.
  • Bold and Vivid – Big, easy-to-read words appear in the sky and can be seen for miles and miles. The super-large letters are something your audience can’t miss.
  • Memorable – When surveyed, 79% of people could remember what the message said when it was seen in the sky.
Conversation Catalyst

Increase Reach & Retention Rates

Each skyscraper-sized character is produced using five synchronized airplanes flying in formation, while an onboard computer system precisely times the flow of cloud writing puffs that create a digital message.

  • Viral Chats – Active social conversations continue that day and for a week beyond the event via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other channels.
  • Precision and Coordination – Five tightly synchronized planes “type” digital messages across the sky using a dot matrix pattern.
  • Cut Through the Clutter – The average adult is exposed to over 5,000 ads per day with only 12 of those ads making an impression – be the one that they remember.
Focused Amazement

Boost Your Brand

Hire our skilled team of 5 skywriters to light up the sky magically “typing” your message while people below stop, stare, snap photos then share with their social network.

Digital skywriting commands major attention and captivates an entire city, often causing local media and social media outlets to go crazy. This can easily be leveraged to boost awareness and the overall success of your campaign.

  • Broad Social Graphics – With the sky as your canvas, big graphics unify your audience’s experience.
  • Boost Ongoing Conversations – With AirSign’s Boost program you can capture images of your airshow and audience’s reaction in videos and photos then post on your website, in newsletters or promotional campaigns.
  • Focused Wonder – Your audience gazes skyward with wonder and amazement, snaps pictures and videos then spreads the word through social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many more.

Lift-Off Program

Launching a fun, exciting aerial promotion takes a lot of detailed work – and our team loves every moment of it. Consistency of delivery is of prime importance to us and is why we have a detailed pre-flight to post-flight operational plan.

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