Aerial Letter Banners

Airplane advertising gets noticed… and remembered

With aerial advertising, there is no channel to turn, no banner ad on a webpage to click away. There’s just the curiosity and uniqueness of seeing a soaring airplane carrying your letter banner.

Studies show that 30 minutes after an airplane banner passes, 88% of people remembered seeing it.

Whether personal or business-related, letter banners are great for any occasion.

  • Store openings
  • Sporting events
  • Special occasions such as “Happy Birthday” or “Will You Marry Me”
  • Product launches

Aerial Banners Overcome Distractions

Just think of the impact aerial advertising can have on your business’ bottom line. People are bombarded with advertising in every part of life. With this information overload, it is harder and harder for messages to get through.

To cut through the clutter and deliver a fun, experience, many are turning to banner advertising to share their message with a large group or single person in a short period of time.

High Quality Images for High Impact

AirSign uses only the largest size letters available for your message. This ensures optimal clarity. Once the banner is made, it dances across the sky off a hook and towline from the plane. In the next hour or so, everyone looking up will read the message.

Whether you are advertising to a crowd, or just sending a message to someone special, aerial advertising is a great way to say just about anything.


“You might be interested in knowing that your air sign was part of a campaign that did win some Addy awards, which is pretty cool. It helped us win a Gold, Silver and Judge’s Choice Addy. Those awards are the only awards given for advertising by the advertising community and are a big deal in our industry. Thanks again for all your help with everything and as I said before, if we ever get the chance to do something like this again . . . we will certainly give you a call.”

– Trisha

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