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Political Aerial Advertising

Political Campaigns have long ago realized the value of Aerial Advertising. The ability to have a 5,000 square foot front page ad looming in the sky has proven both cost effective and very successful. Campaigns are able to be structured with a wide variety of options. AirSign offers our clients the ability to work within predesigned routes or target by designated market area (DMA).

AirSign Offers DMA Targeting By:

  • Target geographically (region, state, city, sector, etc.)
  • Target economically (district, sector of a city)
  • Target by areas of interest (site, rally, event, etc.)

Whether you are working with a national campaign or local, AirSign offers the infrastructure and experience to ensure that you receive the maximum potential for your investment.


“I just want to say what a great day we had. Everyone loved the plane banner! I received so many calls – I gave your number to many. Thanks again!”

– Laura R.

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