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Cashing In On The Football Frenzy

Throughout Fall and Winter, the sound of football is in the air. Sitting on bleachers wrapped in a warm coat and blanket cheering for your favorite football team has become an American tradition. In fact, the average stadium houses crowds of between 70,000 and 100,000 fans each game. Rain or shine, cold or warm, fans are going to be there to support their favorite team no matter what. With Aerial Advertising options like: skywriting – with characters as tall as the Empire State Building, or massive Airplane or Helicopter Banners that shadow the entire stadium as they pass, your message will not be missed.


Advertisers typically look for instances of predictable crowds as the ideal place to promote their products. Specifically, the huge tailgating parties and bumper to bumper traffic that are invariable partners to even regular season games of low national interest, provide the perfect setting for an aerial advertisement. Imagine the name and logo of your company or product being flown in clear view of 70,000 people on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon! How could you leverage that kind of attention?

An airplane banner advertisement is easy to describe, as most people have seen them flown over a beach, sporting event, or really anywhere a large crowd has been gathered. An aerial banner measuring 100 feet long by 50 feet high is pulled behind an airplane. Everyone in the area can see it and read it, but almost no one is able to forget it.

The airplane banner message may be a simple logo like the McDonald’s arches. It might be one word like ‘Coke.’ It might be a phone number or webpage where further information is available. The message may even be an entire sentence – YOUR PIZZA IS READY AT JOE’S.

Once the message is determined, AirSign can design it, we can print it, and we can fly it. The message is usually flown over the massive crowds multiple times, making it virtually impossible for most of the crowd to not see it and read it. That same message or banner could then be flown over other stadiums in other cities throughout the football season. The cost of designing and printing your airplane banner is not only one-time, but your banner can be stored for next season as well!

By combining the popularity of football with the success of aerial advertising, the promotion department for any business is bound to succeed in getting their message out to a large number of people quickly, and at relatively low expense. As if all of that wasn’t enough, AirSign provides GPS tracking and pictures of your banner in flight FOR FREE.

Don’t let your competitors pass you up. Reach your prospects in a unique way that won’t be forgotten any time soon.


“Your aerial advertising campaign made the rest of our advertising media more effective and exponentially magnified the impact of our promotional investment”

– Sean Wolfington, Movie Producer

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