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NASCAR Aerial Advertising

NASCAR is an excellent, but under-utilized, outdoor advertising opportunity for advertisers. It is the only national series that consistently draws regional crowds exceeding 200,000 fans per event. Many people don’t realize this, but each event typically lasts 3-4 days with the qualifying and race days being the peak time. AirSign offers Airplane and Helicopter Banners in addition to Skywriting for all NASCAR events.

AirSign knows NASCAR better than any other Aerial Advertising Company in the US. How can we say this with confidence? Because we have been flying over NASCAR events since 1996, when the Sprint Cup was still called WINSTON CUP and the races were run at obscure speedways that have since been dropped from the schedule entirely. We know the events to cover, and most importantly, we know the best way to cover them.

If you have been at a race over the past 10+ years, chances are good that you have seen at least one of our signs in the air.


Advertising opportunities exist at all NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup Series races this season.

Look for us at the next race!

Bookings for aerial letter banner flights can be taken up until the day before the flight.

At AirSign we take the time to understand our clients goals and objectives for a campaign and then use our experience and market intelligence in putting together a proposal that will exceed their expectations. Much more than a vender client relationship, we do the research to ensure the optimal markets, prime advertising times, and correct media is used to maximize the return on investment. Contact our team for more information on how we can partner with you in making your advertising campaign a fun and rewarding experience your audience will remember.


“You might be interested in knowing that your air sign was part of a campaign that did win some Addy awards, which is pretty cool. It helped us win a Gold, Silver and Judge’s Choice Addy. Those awards are the only awards given for advertising by the advertising community and are a big deal in our industry. Thanks again for all your help with everything and as I said before, if we ever get the chance to do something like this again . . . we will certainly give you a call.”

– Tresha

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