Aerial Logo Boards

Larger than traditional letter banners, logo boards showcase your brand on the world’s biggest canvas – the sky!

The vivid, bold colors and custom graphics streaming across the skyline make for a memorable message. Your target audience will gaze upward, snap a few pictures, and even share their experience with friends –which amplifies the impact of your campaign.

Combine a logo board with traditional letter banners to emphasize your message. Logo board aerial advertising is one of the most effective ways of to build brand awareness.

How Aerial Banners Work Effectively

The movement of bold images across the sky coupled with the sound of a helicopter or single engine plane pique people’s curiosity causing them to look skyward.

Audiences watch for up to 20 minutes as the banner circles in and out of view. With each pass your message becomes more and more memorable.

To top it off, the message faces no competitors so that when you need that service, one name will be the one you remember.

So no matter what it is that you want to communicate to your target audience, you can be confident that your logo will most certainly be seen by those on the ground and your message will be effectively communicated in a way that’s remembered.



“The banner makes my TV and print media more effective. It seems to add the excitement effect back into the car business. Thanks for all your help.”

– Mike Olson, Mike Olson Dodge Inc.

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