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Beach Aerial Advertising

Beaches are a golden opportunity for advertisers. Throughout the Summer, millions of people flock to local (or not-so local) beaches with the intent of being there the entire day. On an average weekend, a market like the Long Island, NY beaches will see 2-3 million visitors, which jumps to 4-5 million during a typical holiday weekend. These numbers are similar to what we see for the New Jersey and Southern California beaches as well. These crowds present excellent exposure opportunities for advertisers utilizing aerial banners.

In reality, the very same factors that result in packed beaches are the ones that make for perfect aerial advertising. Long, warm summer days with clear blue skies and thousands upon thousands of people enjoying their day and drinking in all the local scenery has to offer… What better way to reach them than with a unique and memorable aerial advertising campaign?

Top Summer Beach Markets

  • Long Island New York
  • New Jersey Shore
  • Ocean City Maryland
  • Virginia Beach Virginia
  • Outer Banks North Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach South Carolina
  • Daytona Beach Florida
  • West Palm Beach Florida
  • Miami Beach Florida
  • Clearwater Beach Florida
  • Panama City Beach Florida
  • Chicago Shore Illinois
  • Galveston Texas
  • Los Angeles California
  • San Diego California
  • San Francisco California
  • Boston Massachusetts
  • Seattle Washington

In addition to all of the regular summer beach markets, AirSign also offers coverage in all of the prime Spring Break markets. Each year, during the month of March, hundreds of thousands of college students flock to the beaches for weeks of fun and parties on the beach. Aerial advertising consistently proves to be the most effective method of targeting the 18-25 age group during Spring Break, when schools all over North America rotate out the dates of the mini-vacation, giving advertisers a weekly influx of new students with money to spend.

2023 Top Spring Break Markets

  • Panama City Beach, Florida
  • South Padre Island, Texas
  • South Beach Miami, Florida
  • Lake Havasu, Arizona


“I just want to say what a great day we had. Everyone loved the plane banner! I received so many calls – I gave your number to many. Thanks again!”

– Laura R.

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