Music Festivals

Produce the WOW factor your music-loving audience will never forget.

Choose Aerial Advertising for Music Festivals

Aerial advertising is an incredibly effective solution for building brand visibility and awareness for music festivals. Key benefits:

  • Massive Reach: Aerial ads capture the attention of thousands of people attending music festivals, as well as those in surrounding areas.
  • High Impact: With their size and visibility, aerial billboards and skywriting messages create a memorable impact, leaving a lasting impression on festival-goers.
  • Targeted Marketing: Aerial advertising allows you to precisely target your audience by selecting music festivals that align with your brand and its target demographics.
  • Unique and Creative: Aerial advertising provides a unique and creative marketing approach that stands out from traditional advertising methods, making your brand more memorable.

Soaring Brand Visibility is Music to Your Ears

At Airsign, we specialize in providing exceptional aerial advertising services specifically tailored for music festivals. We can fly custom-designed Aerial Billboards over music festival venues, displaying your brand’s message or logo to the enthusiastic crowd below. Or consider Skywriting and our expert pilots will spell out your brand’s name, slogan, or any other message in the sky, capturing the attention of everyone at the festival.

Top Music Festivals

For more information about the most popular music festivals and the impact your advertising can have on the millions of music lovers that attend, check out our blog post.

  • Innings Festival
  • Ultra Music Festival
  • Rolling Loud
  • Coachella
  • Tortuga Music Festival
  • Boston Calling
  • Hangout Fest
  • Bonnaroo
  • Pitchfork Music Festival
  • Lollapalooza
  • Made in America
  • Austin City Limits
  • SXSW Music Festival
  • …and more!


“Airsign’s aerial billboard was a game-changer for our music festival marketing. The visibility and impact of the aerial banners were unmatched. We received positive feedback from festival attendees, and our social media mentions skyrocketed!”

– Jeremy L.

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