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Now more than ever, people’s attention spans are shortening. It is difficult to stand out in the sea of noise and distractions. Aerial advertising can help you grab and keep your audiences’ attention. Plus, statistics show that people remember aerial promotions – 79% surveyed knew exactly what product or service had been advertised. And instead of turning the channel, many take a picture and share it with their extensive network.


Since 1996 AirSign has successfully delivered aerial advertising in virtually all US outdoor locations plus other international venues all over the world.

AirSign works strategically with clients to understand their needs and fit them to the best demographic locations. Advertising campaigns are tailored specifically for the client’s needs in a way that will bring them the most return on investment.

AirSign offers aerial advertising via multiple options in virtually all outdoor locations across the United States and throughout the world, including spring break and beaches, sporting events, major markets, and more. (see below)


Sporting Events


Politics & Parades

Personal Time

Anywhere & Everywhere

AirSign is everywhere your audience gathers to celebrate, learn, or enjoy themselves.

Conferences, Conventions or Trade Shows

are organized meetings where many people gather to talk about a particular topic. These can be related to business or personal hobbies. Many of our clients reached their audience at the following conferences.

  • CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – 109,000+ attendees
  • SXSW (South by Southwest) – 65,000+ attendees
  • Gen Con – 61,000+ attendees
  • Boat shows, RV shows, air shows…
  • …and many others!

Sporting Events

Loyal fans brave good and bad weather throughout the year to cheer their favorite teams on. The opportunity is perfect to present targeted messages to specific demographic groups. Guests are not likely to miss your message when they’re arriving, during the event, and later when leaving. Many of our clients reached their audience through sports advertising at the following sporting events.

  • Races such as Formula 1 Indy 500 (300,000+ attendees), NASCAR Daytona 500 (250,000+ attendees), Brickyard 400 (300,000+ attendees) or the Kentucky Derby (165,000+ attendees)
  • NFL football games (70,000+ attendees / game) including the Super Bowl (100,000+ attendees)
  • NCAA college football or basketball games and tournaments
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) games (30,000+ / game) and the World Series
  • Marathons such as the Boston Marathon or New York City Marathon
  • …and many others large or small!


“I can’t tell you how excited and special it was to see the banner fly over the stadium. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I gave your information out to 11 people. YEAH!!!! I will definitely use your services again.”

– Karen, Lockwood International, Inc

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