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We love to fly
We like to fly through the sky, live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as possible.

We believe
phenomenal advertising can be fun and exciting for both our clients and their audience.

We're devoted
to delivering show-stopping campaigns that exceed our clients' expectations for audience engagement, retention and return on their advertising dollar.


AirSign is a creative, one-stop partner that leverages tried and true marketing tactics with the most powerful media available – sky, video, viral social media – to help you amplify awareness.

We are a seasoned, fun and professional team of Brand Ambassadors skilled in bringing digital and traditional marketing channels together to craft an aerial experience that materially impacts your digital marketing strategy and portfolio.

We provide an innovative portfolio of aerial advertising products that includes blimps, banners, skywriting and related AirSign Boost™ programs that helps you dominate your market.

We have streamlined Lift-Off™ operational procedures to ensure consistency of execution and quality of your branding and visual images.

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“The aerial advertising campaign made the rest of our advertising media more effective and exponentially magnified the impact of our promotional investment.”


We are everywhere your audience gathers to celebrate, learn or enjoy themselves.

AirSign has the deepest team in the aerial advertising world with over 150 professional pilots and experienced aviators across the United States and 100+ internationally in locations like Canada, Mexico and Europe.







To work side-by-side with you to craft, deliver and measure a fun and memorable aerial experience that amplifies brand engagement and attracts more customers.


Some people are born craving the adventure of streaking through the clear, blue sky, cutting through white clouds and gazing down at a brilliant orange sunset through a cockpit window. It is this common love of the sky that draws the AirSign team together.

Knowing he wanted to make flying his career, after graduating from aviation school Patrick Walsh considered his options and decided to launch an aerial advertising business specializing in banners. He got better and better, then thought, “what next?” Guided by his faith, Patrick expanded and worked with a non-profit, mission-focused organization where he managed regional campaign logistics in addition to flying.

As momentum continued to grow he purchased five additional aircraft, expanded his market presence and team. With the world’s largest canvas as the backdrop, the AirSign team continued to perfect the execution of aerial advertising as they saw viability in connecting the earth and sky for bigger brands. This was confirmed when they landed HP, their first enterprise customer.

Never content with standing still, AirSign continues to evolve and break new grounds in the aerial advertising industry. The team added new ways to deliver sky messages that included gigantic, multi-colored banners, blimps, skywriting and helicopters. AirSign broadened its scale by developing an extensive network of pilots for national and international coverage.

AirSign Boost™ programs are designed to bring together digital and traditional advertising into one cohesive approach that magnifies awareness and generates leads. With Boost programs, AirSign modernized aerial advertising by integrating it with video, data-driven tracking, social media with traditional campaign tactics to magnify and measure marketing initiatives.

AirSign’s unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, consistency of execution - plus the belief that business can be fun – positions it to help companies reach new heights.

our leadership team
Creative entrepreneurs with a passion for flying.
patrick walsh
Chief Executive Officer
trevor thompson
peter swanson
director of marketing
mitch whitlock
director of maintenance & operations
justin maynard
chief creative officer
brian modiano
chief financial officer
toby page
airship - director of marketing & sales
our brand ambassadors
Dedicated to helping your brand soar.

AirSign's award-winning team of brand ambassadors consists of the world's best aerial marketers. The AirSign mantra is that we do not merely have a vendor/client relationship with you, but we instead take the time to learn your goals and objectives in order to position ourselves as your aerial marketing arm.

Bringing strategy, industry know-how, and the creative process all under one roof ensures that AirSign provides a cohesive approach to your aerial advertising campaign that is unmatched in the industry. Drop us a line today, and let's build a show stopping campaign that will spread your brand, and your message, further and farther than you could imagine.