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Airship & Blimp Advertising Options

Innovative Eco Blimp Advertising

advertising blimpAirSign is pleased to announce the launch of its Thermal Airship division. Often referred to as "Eco Blimps," these massive airships offer the latest and greatest in innovative technology. Up until now, clients interested in blimp adverting would have to commit to a long term campaign with huge cost on both the production and the flights.

Now, and for the first time commercially in the United States, AirSign provides an option that has all the great advertising benefits of a typical blimp campaign, but without all the limitations. If you are looking for either just one flight, a week, several weeks, or a year-long campaign, we have an option that will fit within your needs.

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How Do Eco Blimps Work?

AirSign's Eco Blimps utilize a thermal heat system and maintain altitude similar to that of a hot air balloon. Utilizing no helium whatsoever, these airships have been endorsed by groups such as Greenpeace for being environmentally friendly. In contrast to Eco Blimps, the current blimps that you see in the United States are inflated with helium, a resource that for the past decade has experienced a serious shortage.

Advantages to Eco Blimps:

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  • Cost Effective: No longer do you need to commit to a long-term campaign. If you are interested in just one flight, one event, or a multi-market national campaign, we can accommodate your campaign needs.
  • No Wasted Time: Traditional helium blimps by design, need to stay inflated at all times, and they also move very slowly. Clients looking to cover multiple events, targets, or cities, will spend a great deal of transit time flying over areas outside of their intended markets. On the other hand, Eco Blimps are inflated and launched close to each client's target. After the flight is completed, the blimp is then deflated and packed into a trailer and relocated to the next target.
  • Locations and Seasons: Whether you are looking to advertise over the Florida beaches or the Winter Olympics, Eco Blimps are versatile in most climates. In contrast, helium blimps are restricted to warmer climates.

Blimp Creative / Artwork Options

greenpeace airshipAirSign's Eco Blimps have two creative options to work with. The first, being large banners that can attach at 5 different locations all over the blimp. The banner option is perfect for clients who are looking at a short term campaign or want the flexibility of periodically changing out the messaging on the blimp. The other creative option is a full wrap of the blimp. With the full wrap option, the client can completely customize every aspect of the blimp's artwork.

Do you have a crazy "out of the box" artwork idea? Feel free to ask us if it's possible. At AirSign we strive to be innovative and unique in everything we do, and we welcome all of our client's ideas.

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