4 of the Best Places to Skywrite for your Business
June 17, 2014

Big Cities

New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. There’s a reason these cities are so commonly the epicenter of product launches and creative advertising campaigns—they’re full of people! Millions of them, in fact. A great majority of them are equipped with smartphones to capture your message and share it with their friends online—causing a multiplier effect for your campaign.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are quickly growing into one of America’s favorite pastimes—especially for millenials. This flower child-era throwback is creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a very specific market segment in a confined space that many advertisers are paying big bucks to be in. Aerial Advertising is great for these events, as they tend to take place in remote areas with easy access for airplanes. This is a much more cost effective method to be at the event without actually being at the event.

Beaches on Spring Break

Spring break comes just once a year, but it’s an excellent time to put your brand in front of thousands of people all from different parts of the country. An excellent opportunity for a product launching nationwide, as well as any other brand or company—Spring break brings a variety of vacationers, besides the typical college student.

Special Events

In cities all around America, special events are being held as I type this. Sporting events, conferences, conventions, festivals, parades—the list goes on. Creating a highly targeted campaign in a specific location is simple, however, this is a great way to reach a specific market based on what events are taking place. Releasing a new tech product? Tech conventions, comic cons, et al are right up your alley. A new health food? Natural wellness events are happening somewhere with thousands of people waiting to hear about your product.

There are countless opportunities to benefit from Aerial Advertising all over the world. All you need is a professional, trusted company to help you pull it off. We’re here to do just that.