Why We’re Flying Over Tampa
July 2, 2014



We’ve been in the aerial advertising industry for over 18 years. Over this span we’ve learned quite a bit about how to best utilize aerial advertising as part of an overall advertising mix. More importantly, we understand how alternative advertising techniques are incredibly effective at turning consumers into customers. It’s this understanding that allows us to work with big brands like Ford, Google, Virgin Atlantic, the Dallas Mavericks, Uber, and McDonalds.

Soon we’re going to be flying over the Tampa Bay Area to promote the Tampa Bay Marketing Summit. Our CEO, Patrick Walsh, will be presenting at this event for small to large business owners. Patrick will speak on alternative advertising techniques like aerial advertising and how guerilla marketing is being used by brands—big and small—to create strong connections with potential customers. He’ll discuss some of our greatest projects and how business owners can utilize this old technique that is regaining popularity—a fact of which can be attributed to the social media boom and the meta nature of aerial advertising.

Anyone can benefit from aerial advertising. What’s important is working with a company that understands how to best make use of this technique. From logistics to choosing the right location for your promotion—we’re experts in making sure your message gets in front of the most people at the best possible moment. Afterall, we’ve been doing this for over 18 years. You might say we started before it was cool.

We were extremely excited to be invited to share our message with a community of fine business owners, marketers, students and advertisers. If you’re interested in learning about how to market your business in not only today’s business environment but tomorrows as well, we know the experts at #TBMS14 won’t disappoint. Thanks for reading–we hope to see you at the Tampa Bay Marketing Summit on August 8th.