Football and AirSign
October 4, 2011

We are in that time of year again when you put on your sports attire and go cheer on your team. You sit, or more than likely stand, and wear out your voice yelling “GO, GO, GO” to your team and “BOO” to the opposing team. You either walk away elated or completely ashamed of the job your team did. I love football season and I for one am happy we are in the middle of it again. Unfortunately, for me, “my team” hasn’t had much to show for this season and there haven’t been too many elated times for us this year.

So what does football have to do with aerial advertising? I’ll answer that for you. Let me talk to the business owners for a minute — you know that the best way to spend your advertising dollars is when the advertisement will be seen by thousands of people. You also know that you want to maximize your money so that everything dollar you spend is put to use and not just stashed away. With aerial advertising, you are choosing the best route to affect thousands of people in one place. With choosing AirSign, you are then making sure that every dollar spent on aerial advertising is put toward YOUR advertisement.

Now, maybe you are the politician seeking to get elected or reelected in November. Let me assure you that aerial advertising is a wonderful way to campaign. When your campaign banner flies over a crowd of sport fanatics waiting on the game to start, you are not only getting your name out there, but you are also reaching above your opponent. Every politician puts out yard signs but not every politician does aerial advertising.

Even though football season is well under way, it is not too late to start your aerial advertising campaign. We still have all the bowl games coming up and many other college and pro football games that draw hundreds of thousands of receptive people. Don’t pass up this great opportunity to go big and join the aerial advertising world.

Below is a picture of one of our new clients that joined us for this football season. You could choose something like this or some of the many other aerial advertising options.