Aerial Advertising is the Highest Form of Guerrilla Marketing
April 8, 2014


Guerrilla marketing is one of advertising’s trendiest – and most fun — ways to spread a message. Do a quick Twitter search and you’ll find countless companies specializing in this unconventional, surprising and sometimes tongue-in-cheek approach to promoting a product, service, brand or idea.

What, exactly, is guerrilla marketing?

It’s promoting a brand or product by using entertaining, attention-getting strategies, from flash mobs and viral marketing campaigns to internet marketing. Larger brands like it because it makes them connect with their audience on a grassroots level – it helps them become part of the crowd rather than the party-crashing door-to-door salesman.  Aerial advertising is the highest form of guerrilla marketing. Pun intended.

While traditional methods of guerrilla marketing might include stickers, print ads and billboards, these tend to be easily lost in the sea of visual pollution. So, how does a brand ensure it grabs the attention of an otherwise un-captive audience? How about taking advantage of the biggest canvas possible? The one hanging over every city and town on the planet?

Aerial advertising allows brands to pair the attitude of guerrilla marketing with the drama of skywriting. We’ve proven this works time and time again. Just look back at our recent SXSW show-stopper! While #PiInTheSky was an art display, it captured thousands of people’s imaginations, leading to countless tweets, retweets, photos and more across all social networks.

There are unlimited possibilities with aerial advertising. We can write a hashtag or a message, a call to action or a cryptic phrase that leads people to ask questions. We can even write out tweets as they come in, allowing a brand to capitalize on the instant nature of social media.

We’re passionate about aviation as well as advertising. It’s amazing to pair such a romantic form of human ingenuity with the creative ideas of leading businesses, brands and marketers. We love to make ideas take flight.

If you’re interested in putting your message before the eyes of thousands of potential customers in a highly captivating way, you should consider letting us put together an amazing aerial advertising campaign for you.  Whether your campaign is a year from now or a month from now, we can help make it happen — we’ve never been afraid of marketing on the fly.