Aerial Advertising Makes Sense
January 8, 2009

CBD Kratom Aerial Billboard


Unlike any other form of media, Aerial Advertising allows the client to target a specific audience, at an exact location during a specific time.  The ability to reach over 100,000 commuters coming home from work or an audience of over 250,000 NASCAR fans with millions of impressions makes Aerial Advertising both appealing and economical.

Companies receive prime time publicity by utilizing Aerial Advertising for name and logo branding, Grand Openings, big sales, new product releases, and many more special events. When compared to other forms of media, Aerial Advertising is much more cost effective. For example, a 3 hour weekend flight over Long Beach, NY will cost $5-600 per hour for a total cost of $1500-1800. A 3 hour Long Island Beach run will yield approximately 8,000,000 impressions, or a cost per impression of $0.000225!!

Additionally Aerial Advertising offers a uniqueness that draws attention and causes it to stand out from other forms of media. A recent report from U.S News & World Report on traffic congestion stated “Nothing gets the attention of bored out-of-their-gourd commuters like the sight of a huge airplane banner cruising slowly into view.”

With traffic congestion mounting and billboards either being outlawed or lost in the clutter, Aerial Advertising offers the perfect medium by itself or to compliment other forms of media.