AirSign Aerial Advertising Welcomes Disney Dream
January 5, 2011

Walt Disney World Entertainment contacted AirSign Aerial Advertising to help welcome home the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. Yesterday morning, the Disney Dream was introduced to Port Canaveral and AirSign Aerial Advertising was there to make the day even more special. As this is Disney’s first new Ship in a decade, they relied on the team here at AirSign Aerial Advertising to show the world what an important┬áday this was for Walt Disney World Entertainment. Stay tuned in here to see pictures and maybe even video of the Naming Ceremony for the Disney Dream Ship. AirSign Aerial Advertising will once again be┬ápartnering with Walt Disney World Entertainment on January 19th. This time we are even doing Skywriting! So, to all you Disney World fans out there — next time you want to do some Aerial Advertising for your business or you want to do something extra unique for a special person in your life, contact us here at AirSign Aerial Advertising and we will be happy to fly for you!