Effectively Advertising to Football Fans
September 3, 2013

September is upon us, and Labor Day is behind us. Which means… Football season is finally here!


Bethlehem, PA1 2012-11-17

Whether it’s professionals wowing crowds with amazing feats of athleticism, college students playing with the hope of forging a career, or high school players working hard for possible scholarship money, all levels of football have one thing in common – Fans. Beginning in September and continuing on through December and into January, football season brings Americans out of their homes in droves to support their favorite teams and players. Weather and temperatures that would normally encourage us to seek refuge indoors do nothing to deter spectators from filling stadiums and surrounding fields to cheer.


If you are at all in tune with your local community, chances are good that you already know if your neighbors are high school or college football fans, or if your state’s professional team has an especially rabid fan base; football is a sport that seems to transcend social segregation and bring people together in steadfast support of their favorite team or player.


The beginning of a football game has an interesting effect on the mind of a spectator. If you watch a game on television, you’ll notice that even teams that most would assume are clearly outmatched will have thousands of fans happily announcing their optimism, ready to cheer wildly at even the most minutely positive event. The nature of the professional league now brings many games down to the final minutes, with fans fixated on the game and optimism piqued until the absolute, or bitter, end. For fans, this means excitement (and usually stress), but for advertisers, we see something much different.


When looking for advertising opportunities, advertisers generally need to utilize their advertisement to create a feeling or sense to surround the mention of their product or service. However, when your audience is already in a frenzy of blind support, much of the work has already been done for you. Almost no one is in a negative state of mind BEFORE a football game begins; this provides the perfect opportunity to make mention of your company’s name. There is absolutely no better way to do that than to fly an airplane banner overhead.


Think about the last time you were outside and a helicopter or low-flying airplane came past. You, and likely everyone around you, instinctively looked up as soon as you heard the faint drone of the engine. People will search the sky for an airplane or helicopter and watch it until it goes out of sight. When that airplane or helicopter is towing a banner, our curiosity almost invariably gets the best of us and we enthusiastically read what is actually an advertisement. An airplane or helicopter banner has an effect almost entirely different from any other form of advertisement; people actually seek out your advertisement, opposed to avoiding it as with most other forms of media.


As a company with a national presence and years of experience in advertising, AirSign has gotten pretty good at utilizing the atmosphere created at all kinds of sporting events. Whether you are looking to reinforce your brand, announce a new product, or simply deliver a message or request an action, there is no better opportunity to accomplish your goals than flying an airplane or helicopter banner over a football game or pre-game activities. Give us a call today, and let one of our Aerial Advertising Specialists talk with you about your specific campaign and how we can use the leverage of this opportunity to make effective use of your advertising dollars. Most campaigns will be much more affordable than you may be thinking, and getting a quote is quick, easy, and FREE!


Feel free to post your comments and questions down below. We’re looking forward to an exciting season!