We’re Getting Ready to Surprise New York City with the Largest Piece of Art In Its History
July 12, 2014

If you’re anywhere near New York City tonight, you’re in for the show of your life.

Look up in the sky over Manhattan about 7:15 p.m. and you’ll witness the largest, coolest art exhibition ever in the history of New York City.

Five synchronized AirSign planes will spell out #STEAM and #PIINTHESKY in quarter-mile high letters 10,000 feet over Manhattan, followed by more than 300 numerals in the infinite pi sequence. For an hour plus, they’ll circle over the borough, creating the numerals in a dot-matrix font that will cover hundreds of miles of airspace.

Just as the planes head back to the hangar, the sun will begin to sink below the horizon – the peak of “Manhattanhenge.” If you haven’t heard of this stunning solar phenomenon, it occurs just twice each year, when the setting sun aligns perfectly with Manhattan’s east-west streets, creating an unsurpassed radiance that illuminates the whole downtown grid.

What does “STEAM” mean and how does it fit with pi, the number used to calculate the circumference of a circle?

STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math.

There’s been a lot of talk among politicians, business leaders and educators about how badly we need to push education in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). As an aviation buff, I understand this well. But there’s also a large and growing demand to add Art to that equation: STEAM. The sciences can only become a powerful tool for innovation when we add creativity. As an aerial advertising specialist, I understand that, too!

And that’s what you’ll see over New York City – the Science, Engineering and Technology involved in AirSign’s execution of artist Ben Davis’ vision; the universal language of Math in pi, and the awe-inspiring beauty of free public art displayed on a cosmic canvas.


I look to align myself with projects that inspire and touch people, and I look for creative and fun ways to create awareness about Aerial Advertising. Joining with Ben and his non-profit, Illuminate the Arts, on this and similar projects has been both exciting and extremely gratifying.

STEAM ahead!

UPDATE: The New York Post picked up the story of Pi In The Sky