Greenpeace Greets Duke Energy’s New CEO
July 2, 2013

Sometimes, good ideas come up at the last minute.


When Greenpeace realized Lynn Good, Duke Energy’s new CEO, was beginning her tenure on Monday July 1st, they wanted to deliver a message in a BIG way. The only problem was that the idea to fly a gigantic aerial banner was a “last minute” kind of idea. With most aerial advertising companies, this would be a problem, as many different departments need to work together to successfully coordinate a flight that makes use of a custom-designed printed banner.


Luckily, they turned to AirSign. Within minutes of the initial phone call, operations managers were organizing airplanes and pilots, account managers were setting up pricing structures, and designers were working to convert and customize Greenpeace’s graphics for large scale printing which began the following morning. Precision placement and timing coordinated well with the Greenpeace photographers who were on hand to document the occasion, and the result was a media blitz type of display that garnered attention from local and regional media as well as thousands of pedestrians and travelers on nearby roads.

Duke Energy CEO First Day Message

What began as a “last minute” big idea became a reality within only a few days, thanks to the concerted effort of everyone involved who kicked it into high gear to “make it happen” for a client. While knowhow is an absolute necessity in the aerial advertising industry, the drive to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done to help a client realize their dream is also an irreplaceable asset. We were happy to work with Greenpeace on this project, and look forward to future projects.


Do you often have big ideas at the last minute? What do you do to accomplish goals that are competing with a time crunch? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!