Publicity and AirSign
April 13, 2011

When some people book a flight with AirSign, they do it for the publicity and they want to get everything out of it they can.

Others, well they’re targeting a specific crowd and they don’t realize all the other publicity they’re going to get out of it. This was the case last Saturday.

We had a group of people call in and pay for a Letter Banner to fly over UF’s Orange and Blue game boasting over their team’s smashing win over the Gator’s last year. They were targeting the crowd and didn’t expect anything more out of it. That’s what they paid for. What they got for free was the front page of the Sports section on the Orlando Sentinel website.

Also, Ron Vitrano from ESPN Radio called up an interviewed the pilot about this banner. These FSU fans only paid for us to fly the banner expecting that only the crowd would see and talk about the banner.

With aerial advertising, you never know the amount of publicity and great advertising you might get. If you are looking to get a point across without paying through the roof for it, aerial advertising is the solution.