Taking Full Advantage of Super Bowl XLIII
January 12, 2009

Outdoor Crowds!

Beautiful sunny days, a warm tropical environment, an outdoor stadium, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country—a great place to get your advertising jump for 2009! Unlike many events, the Super Bowl appeals to both local and national advertisers, making it one of the largest Aerial Advertising events of the year. Super Bowl Activities typically start on the Wednesday before Super Bowl Sunday, thus providing five days to reach the masses of people. A typical package will provide a 3-4 hour flight per day, as well as the last daylight hours leading up to kickoff time on February 1st. Super Bowl Sunday only flights are also available.

Simple & Wild!

When it comes to your sign design, keep it simple, yet wild! What would jump out and grab your attention while being easy to remember at the same time? Sometimes the craziest signs are often the most remembered, especially for the Super Bowl crowd! Think Big! Plan Now!

Whether you go with a Letter Banner, Logo Board, or 50’ x 100’ Aerial Banner, AirSign can put you in the sky! In these tough economic times, Aerial Advertising will allow your advertising dollars to stretch while providing you the results you need. Whatever your budget, AirSign can get your message noticed. You can even fly different messages each day with our Logo Board option!