Unique Fathers Day Ideas
June 15, 2010

Most people from good homes don’t have to be reminded of the priceless investment their father made in their life. Taking you to ballet lessons or ball practice, listening to you when you needed an ear, paying for braces or bikes or Big Wheels, taking you to college and then footing at least part of the bill – all these are just a few of the many investments your father made in your life.

In the past you may have bought cards, promised to take out the trash, taken him out to eat, written him messages of appreciation. Now that you’re older and have more money, you would probably like to do something really special to let him know how much your father means to you. If this is you, then here is a unique Fathers Day idea!

Imagine you have joined your parents for Father’s Day on Sunday and, at a set time, you ask him to retreat to the back yard for a special surprise. He is anticipating a cake or another card or perhaps a unique visitor. However, instead of more food or a long lost relative showing up, you hear the drone of an airplane engine overhead and direct his attention skyward.

Suddenly, passing over you flies an airplane pulling a banner that is seven feet tall and up to 120 feet long! The banner reads, “Announcing The Best Dad Around”- and his name follows. Tears flow down his face as he comprehends your investment in this unique expression of appreciation. You have made his day and maybe his year!

Further, your family is not the only ones to read this message. As the plane makes multiple passes over your area, neighbors and friends alike are aware of your unique expression of kindness. Or, if you lured him to the beach or a sporting event for the surprise, the entire stadium of people will read the message and be impressed by this unforgettable Father’s Day idea. After all, why keep the greatness of your father the world’s best kept secret!

Your first thoughts about this idea might be, “That sounds fantastic, but won’t it be expensive?” First, don’t forget the investment he made in your life over the years. It is estimated that it costs close to $200,000 to raise a child to age eighteen. The banner appreciation ad is far cheaper than that! In fact, banner ads are surprisingly inexpensive when you consider the huge audience who will view it.

Further, the banner, once made, can be saved (the banner company will store it for you if you like) and used again other years. The banner company is able to design and print the banner, fly the banner over the area you designate as many times as you like, and then store the banner for future use.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Why not go all out with a very unique presentation using a banner ad, a message that says, “I want everyone to know my Pop’s Tops!” But you’d better act quickly. There’s not much time left.