Why We’re Flying Over Tampa

We’ve been in the aerial advertising industry for over 18 years. Over this span we’ve learned quite a bit about how to best utilize aerial advertising as part of an overall advertising mix. More importantly, we understand how alternative advertising techniques are incredibly effective at turning consumers into customers. It’s this understanding that allows us […]


4 of the Best Places to Skywrite for your Business

Big Cities
New York. Chicago. Los Angeles. There’s a reason these cities are so commonly the epicenter of product launches and creative advertising campaigns—they’re full of people! Millions of them, in fact. A great majority of them are equipped with smartphones to capture your message and share it with their friends online—causing a multiplier effect for your campaign.
Music Festivals
Music festivals are quickly growing into one of America’s favorite pastimes—especially for millenials. This flower child-era throwback is creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a very specific market segment in a confined space that many advertisers are paying big bucks to [...]

4 Awesome Ways to Use Aerial Advertising

Promote your business

Aerial Advertising has traditionally been used for the purpose of promoting a business. Whether it’s a beach-side bar, a financial organization or a clothing store, any business can garner excellent results and drive traffic to their establishment.
Advertise a new product

Releasing a new product? Go tell it in the sky. The more eyes you can get, the better. Those who see the skywriting will instantly become aware of your new product and are more likely to remember it and share it with their friends.
Propose to your love

Ever wanted to shout your love from the top of a mountain? Us [...]